Student Conduct

The Office of the Dean of Students is responsible for preserving and administering the University Student Code of Conduct.
This page provides information for students to promote a healthy and engaging institution of learning. 

Standards of Conduct
The Dean of students office is responsible for updating and managing the campus code of conduct. click here for a brief overview
Classroom Behavior
Reviews the rules and responsibilities of classroom etiquette in our campus institutions
Student Code of Conduct
The University Student Code of Conduct reviews the values that UCCS students are expected to know and follow
Student Code of Conduct Procedures
Each code of conduct proceeding has steps observed by the University. If a student is charged, the actions listed here will be taken
Residence Life and Housing Policies
Students who choose to live on campus are expected to follow the policies instated by the Office of Residence Life and Housing. Procedures followed by this Office mimic the Student Conduct Procedures 
Student Conduct Hearing Board
Students charged with misconduct based on campus rules will be required to attend the Conduct Hearing Board
Possible Sanctions
Once a case has been heard, the judicial officer will choose a sanction deemed appropriate for the midsconduct of the student in question
Appeals of Conduct DecisionAppeals are available to charged students or in the case of a complaint of a crime of violence. Once the decision has been passed, students may appeal as according to the following grounds
Student Rights
Reviews the rights that each student charged with campus misconduct is given
Student Academic Ethics Code PolicyAcademic integrity is expected from every student of the University. Ther purpose of this document is to define what demeanor is to be shown while enrolled at UCCS UCCS Sexual Harassment Policy
UCCS has a strict policy with sexual harrasment. Details of said policy can be found on this document
Conduct DefinitionsDefines positions and conduct implemented by the school for positions of authority and students
Appendix IAppendix I is an overview for the procedures to be taken for any classification of harrassment or assault


If there is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 or Public Safety at 719-255-3111