What is the Big Idea?





This 2.5-hour interactive workshop aims to provide awareness, knowledge and skills to participants about personal and institutional dynamics of social inequality. Providing hands-on strategies, the goal of the workshop is to better equip members of your organization to engage diverse social identities, to explore how oppression and privilege operate in our daily lives, and to create a more inclusive organizational culture. We hope you will join us.

What is the BIG Idea?
YOU HAVE THE POWER to transform the culture in your organization to become more inclusive by consciously valuing the unique perspectives, achievements and struggles of others with whom you interact every day, whether in meetings, in classrooms, or in the hallways. YOU have the power and the choice to make every person with whom you interact feel that they belong.

This workshop provides knowledge and strategies to enable you to be a leader in implementing this BIG Idea! Participants will leave the workshop with a packet of resource information as well as hands-on strategies for working towards social equity and inclusion in your organization.

The Little Story Behind the BIG Idea Workshop
The BIG Idea workshops arose from a charge from the UCCS Chancellor to find innovative ways to build campus-wide inclusiveness. This program has its roots in the campus-wide Diversity Strategic Plan, the CU-System Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity, and the Building Inclusiveness Group (BIG) made up of faculty, staff, and students. This workshop is the product of many years of research and personal experience in the classroom teaching issues of diversity.

What Next?

Please contact Dena Samuels at dsamuels@uccs.edu for more information and/or to set up a workshop for your group.