Campus Resources for Inclusiveness


Additional Access Points for Inclusiveness Concerns

College Deans

Department Chairs and College Deans play a primary role in addressing specific issues that occur in the academic context.

Dean Nacy Smith

Dean of Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences, 255-4411

Dean Venkateshwar Reddy

Dean of Business, 255-3113


Dean Mary Snyder

Dean of Education, 255-255-4119

Dean Ramaswam Dandapani

Dean of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 255-255-3543

Dean Tom Christensen

Dean of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, 255-4550

Dean Terry Schwartz

Associate Dean of Public Affairs, 255-4182

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Office

This office is responsible for investigating all allegations of sexual harassment or discrimination and related retaliation.  Anyone who believes that she or he has experienced or witnessed discrimination or related retaliation should report such behavior to the campus discrimination officer Joanne McDevitt (255-4324) or any supervisor.


Human Resources

The Human Resources office or Cindy Corwin (255-3372) is a point of contact for workplace concerns and complaints.

Ombuds Program

The Ombuds Program (255-3304) provides students, staff, administrators, professional staff, and faculty with voluntary, informal, neutral, confidential, third-party assistance in resolving University issues, concerns, or conflicts. An ombudsperson works outside the formal problem-resolution and grievance procedures of the University. The role of an ombudsperson is to listen, receive, and provide information from parties and to provide informal facilitation between parties when requested.  An ombudsperson does not make, change, or set aside policy or previous administrative decisions, nor does an ombudsperson serve to determine the rights of others to unilaterally resolve conflicts.

Public Safety

The Campus Police (255-3111) serve and respond to the needs of a diverse community with fairness and mutual respect in a spirit of caring for the community, recognizing the special responsibility we have toward victims of crime and those who are injured.

Campus Police are specifically responsible for the protection of persons and property against criminal acts and related investigations, but also provides a wide range of educational and public services.

Residence Life and Housing Office

The Director (719-255-4327) and Associate Director (719-255-4323) are the points of contact for students to raise any issues involving the residence halls or the apartments. Confidential e-mails can also be directed to

Student Judicial Affairs

The Director of Judicial Affairs (255-3838) is charged with fairly upholding the student code of conduct and enforcement processes as they apply to academic and non-academic settings at UCCS.


Office of Student Life and Leadership

For inclusiveness concerns involving student clubs, organizations, leadership programs, the student government association or the student newspaper you may also contact Brad Bayer (<>/255-3344), Executive Director of Student Life and Leadership or, Sabrina Wienholtz, Student Activities Specialists (<>/255-3632).