Generative Uses of Software

Generative Uses of Software in Organic Chemistry

These are exercises in which students use the same chemistry software that we as professionals use to generate their own results and interpret them in a discovery-based learning mode.

(Note: Links to demonstrations of these exercises are currently not working. I hope to have them fixed soon.)

  • Conformational Analysis

    Conformational Analysis imageStudents use ChemOffice (Cambridge Software), a suite containing ChemDraw, a chemical structure drawing program, and Chem3D, a molecular modeling program, to calculate steric strain in conformational isomers of both open-chain and cyclohexane molecules.

  • Stereochemistry

    Stereochemistry imageStudents use ChemDraw and Chem3D to examine stereoisomeric relationships.

  • Hückel Molecular Orbital Theory

    HMO imageStudents use my Hückel Molecular Orbital Theory programs to compare and contrast valence bond theory with molecular orbital theory.

    Download Hückel_setup.exe to a location of your choice and run it to install the Hückel program.