Colorado Springs Undergraduate
Research Forum (CSURF)

The Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum (CSURF) is a collaborative venture designed to highlight the accomplishments of      undergraduates from Colorado College, the United States Air Force Academy, and UCCS.  In its twelfth  year, the conference has grown to over 450 participants and continues to reflect the commitment and dedication of our faculty and staff to our students from all disciplines-the Arts, Humanities, Natural and Social Sciences.  The event gives undergraduate students from all three institutions the opportunity to present their research and creative work in a formal academic setting and receive feedback from scholars and peers. The CSURF also helps students to polish the skills involved in formal presentation, job interviews, or continuing education through graduate/professional study.

The 2015 CSURF is part of the UCCS 50th Anniversary Celebration, and highlights the College's commitment to faculty/student undergraduate research.  LAS developed this research forum, and has continued to foster and cultivate the collaboration between Colorado College and the United States Air Force Academy.  We are honored to include tCSURF program as part of our Peak Learning Experiences program - designed to provide experential learning opportunities for every student, in every major of our college.

CSURF Registration is still OPEN for all guests and faculty advisors to register.  Registration for student presenters is closed.
The 12th Annual

Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum

will be held at Colorado College

April 4, 2015

Registration for the 2015 CSURF is now OPEN.

Registration is CLOSED for student presenters.    Guests, faculty mentors may continue to register.


2015 Schedule of Events

2015 Abstracts & Printed Program





Keynote Address

Noon - 1:00

Gates Common Room






Professor Anne Hyde


Professor Anne Hyde will talk about her research life a a historian, beginning with an undergraduate project that led to graduate school, then teaching and a series of prize-winning books.  Her work in the history of the American West enables her to work as a public intellectual, engaging with students, classroom teachers, professional re-enactors, writers, bloggers, and a few trolls.



If you would like more information regarding the upcoming CSURF conference, please contact Margie Oldham. Margie may be reached at moldham@uccs.edu or by phone at (719) 255-4552.


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