Graduate Certificates

Certificate programs offer a practical and timely way to advance your academic accomplishments in an exciting field of interest.

Comprising only a fraction of the coursework required for a master’s degree, many graduate certificates can be completed in just one year.  Certificates are officially noted on student transcripts.  And in most cases, if they choose to continue beyond the certificate, students can leverage certificate coursework toward the award of a full master’s degree.

The Center for Space Studies makes the following graduate certificates available through their respective UCCS Colleges:

College of Engineering and Applied Science:Click me to see the Space Operations Certificate card!

Certificate in Space Operations

  • Fundamentals of Astronautics (SPCE 5025)
  • Systems Engineering Processes (SPCE 5665)
  • Remote Sensing in Space (SPCE 5105)
  • Space Communications (SPCE 5085)
  • Space Policy (SPCE 5645)
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Or click me to see the Systems Engineering Certificate card!

Certificate in Systems Engineering

  • Introduction to the Systems Perspectives (ENGR 5010)
  • Engineering Project Management (ENGR 5050)
  • Systems Engineering Processes (ENGR 5110)
  • Systems Architecture (ENGR 5210)


College of Business:

Certificate in Space Systems Management  (go to bottom of page)

  • Systems Engineering Management
  • Information and Communications Systems
  • Space and Space Systems
  • System Lifecycle Management
  • Space Policy
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