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About CSS's Educational Programs

CSS promotes a full range of educational programs aimed at space professionals – from short-course professional development workshops to full degree programs.

Topping the list, our award-winning UCCS College of Engineering and Applied Science offers a highly popular applied master’s degree program in space operations.

The Master of Engineering in Space Operations (MESO) is targeted at those who work in the space industry and emphasizes aspects of space systems design, command and control that are especially pertinent to military space applications.  The curriculum leverages experience gained through our long-standing affiliation with Colorado Springs based Air Force Space Command Headquarters.

Certificate programs mirror the essential portions of the MESO curriculum and offer the student a shorter pathway to master’s level coursework in relevant space study.

In addition, the UCCS College of Business offers a space systems management track as part of its highly acclaimed MBA program.

Finally, CSS now offers a non-credit professional development short-course series for space professionals interested in the most current issues and topics affecting the space industry today.

Graduate Degrees

  • ME in Space Operations (EAS; Distance only)
  • ME in Engineering Management with a specialization in Space Systems (EAS; Distance only)
  • ME in Systems Engineering with an option for 2 space electives (EAS; Distance only)
  • Ph.D. Eng with concentration in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (EAS)
  • MBA with an emphasis in Space Systems Management (COB; Distance only)

Graduate Certificates

  • Space Operations (EAS)
  • Systems Engineering (EAS)
  • Space Systems Management (COB)

Professional Development Series

  • Space Policy
  • Space Architectures and Standards


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