Fred Slane

Fred Slane

Over the past few decades I have been placed in positions with different perspectives and objectives, using both modern and ancient technologies.  My international work has exposed me to many cultural perspectives and types of logical thinking.  From all of what I have seen, I have come to understand that technical and business architectures enable complex enterprises to succeed. Standards, and especially open standards are a lynchpin for robust solutions as complexity cascades. Today I practice and teach what I have learned - The space industry (my industry of profession and passion) is highly complex and promises to become more so over time. Solid technical and business decision making for the space industry will depend on good architecture, good standards and good tools.


My background includes 20 years of Air Force active duty and eight years of Reserve duty. This includes Space Transportation System  launch operations and engineering, Mark XV IFFN test, spacecraft communications and sensor R&D, operational test, and joint/combined space operations.   Following my Air Force active duty retirement in 2001, I spent two years as a senior engineer at a Ball Aerospace. In 2003 I founded a small business and the Space Infrastructure Foundation. I sold the business in 2006. I currently work at Technology Service Corporation in Colorado Springs and continue to serve as the Executive Director of the Space Infrastructure Foundation.  I am active with UCCS College of Engineering and College of Business.   


BA, Willamette University, 1980, Physics and Mathematics. 

BS, Air Force Institute of Technology, 1983, Aeronautical Engineering. 

MS, University of New Mexico, 1993, Physics (Astrophysics).

MBA, UCCS, 2008, International Business. 

Professional Activities:

AIAA Associate Fellow.

-          I am a member of the Space Architecture TC. 

-          I have been active in AIAA standards development for over 12 years.  I have served on the Standards Executive Council since 1998. 

-          I have worked with the following Committees on Standards (COS): the former Space Launch Integration COS (supported several AIAA contracted efforts on Space Launch Integration to the National Reconnaissance Office); Astrodynamics COS; Aerospace Environments COS.  I currently chair the Committee on Standards for Space Plug and Play Architecture. 

-          Associated with these activities I have served as a liaison with several TCs and the ETC.


ISO Space Standards Subcommittees

-          Since 2000 I have been active in the ISO subcommittee for space systems and operations, and currently serve as US Head of Delegation.

o    My initial involvement was through the Operations and Ground Support Working Group, representing the interests of the joint defense space community. 

o    From 2002 – 2007 I was the international chair of the Interfaces, Integration and Test Working Group. 

-          In 2003 I became involved with the ISO subcommittee for space data and information transfer.  

-          I am the international lead in development of a global space architecture for a future space industry, so we may prioritize new standards development

Other Activities:

I am an instrument certificated pilot

I am a first degree Black Belt in Karate



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