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Wait for the olde-tyme picture of SENG, now OCSE...

The Center for Space Studies (CSS) was created in 2005 as part of the UCCS Network Information & Space Security Center (NISSC) in order to coordinate the University’s education and research activities related to space. NISSC grew to become the National Institute of Science, Space & Security Centers (NISSSC) with the addition of three new centers - the Center for Homeland Security, the Center for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Education, and the Trauma, Health & Hazards Center. CSS strives to become a focus of scholars and professionals working together to build and support a center of excellence in space technology
and education.

If you wait long enough, this picture will be the breath-taking view of the rockies we have every day! :)

Location, Location, Location

Colorado Springs, Colorado is the ideal location for achieving our mission!  CSS is just minutes away from key military space activities:  Headquarters Air Force Space Command, Headquarters Army Space Command, Shriever AFB, and Headquarters US Northern Command; additionally, Colorado Springs is home to a high concentration of defense aerospace companies and a well-educated workforce.



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