CS Faculty Areas of Interest

The Department of Computer Science strives to hire outstanding faculty members to teach in a broad range of courses. They are dedicated to teaching the skills that will be needed in the years to come. The following is a list of faculty expertise and areas of interest.

Marijke F. Augusteijn, Professor Emeritus

Neural networks, computer vision, pattern recognition, intelligent tutoring systems.

Terrance Boult, El Pomar Professor

Vision Image Processing, Security, Networking, Medical Imaging.

Tim Chamillard, Associate Professor

Software Engineering, Computer Game Design and Development, Web-based Applications, Computer Science Education (student performance prediction, learning styles).

C. Edward Chow, Professor

Computer/Communication Networks, Cyber Security, Human Motion Tracking & Reasoning.

Jugal K. Kalita, Professor

Artificial intelligence, natural language processing, World Wide Web.

Rory Lewis, Assistant Professor

Epilepsy Prediction, Knowledge Discovery in Database, and Ontology application to pre-operative geriatrics and medicine.

Lewis J. Pinson, Associate Professor Emeritus

Complexity theory, automata, algorithms, object-oriented problem solving, Digital image/signal processing, analysis and design of robotics systems, Electro-optical systems analysis and design.

Sudhanshu K. Semwal, Professor

Computer graphics, computer-human interaction and virtual reality, human animation and avatars, volume rendering and visualization, realistic images, ray tracing, computational geometry.

Charles M. Shub, Professor

Simulation, Distributed Systems, Dynamic Process, Migration, Operating Systems, Performance Evaluation, Curriculum Development and Enhancement.

Kristen Walcott-Justice, Assistant Professor

Software testing, software debugging, software engineering with emphasis on resource constrained environments and search-based software engineering

Richard S. Wiener, Associate Professor Emeritus

Time-series and forecasting, applied statistics, discrete event simulation, software engineering with emphasis on object-oriented problem solving

Qing Yi, Associate Professor

Compiler construction, Program analysis & optimization for high-performance computing, parallel programming languages

Chuan Yue, Assistant Professor

Web Security, Web-based Systems, Web Browsing

Xiaobo (Joe) Zhou, Chair, Professor

Distributed & Internet Computing Systems, Operating Systems, Networking and Web Applications.