Design a Postcard

EL Pomar Center We receive a lot of postcard orders and most of our customers have figured out how to design these for themselves, but hopefully this article will help those who do not know how to setup a postcard and provide a few tips for those who do. The University Advancement website has some official templates and will eventually have more templates for postcards, so check out their website before you begin your project. It just might save you some time. So before we discuss design, let's mention some specifics regarding postcards. If you are going to mail your post card there are post office specifications regarding size. The largest it can be is 4.25 x 6," and the smallest it can be is 3.5 x 5". Any size outside of this range will affect the postage rate for your mailer and this usually means more expensive postage. The preferred size is 4.25 x 5.5". This is also the most affordable size because it allows the printer to print 4 post cards on one 8.5 x 11" sheet of paper. Postcards are fairly easy to design. You can use many different formats for a postcard, but a key element is the size of your document. Publisher has an advantage and that is you only have to design one postcard to the size you want (i.e. 4.25 x 5.5") and it will be able to automatically duplicate the number of postcards when you go to print saving you time in the overall process. If you use Word you will have to actually make 4 postcards on a page, taking more time. Again, there are templates in Publisher that you can pick from or you can create a blank postcard for the size you need.