Compass Curriculum


What is the objective of a component integrating Sustainability?

The UCCS GE Goals approved in fall 2010 include the following:

"Goal 3) Act and Interact. Students will cultivate self-awareness and understanding of their impact-locally, nationally, and globally. Students will be prepared to participate effectively in a society that encompasses diverse experiences, perspectives, and realities. This area includes [among others]:    

Sustainability-understanding the interaction between human development and the natural environment"  

In order to achieve the terms of this goal, students will learn about key principles of sustainability including social equity, environmental protection, and economic development, among others. The sustainability GE goal will be achieved by integrating teaching about sustainability within discipline-specific coursework and/or other GE components, or in general elective courses. 

Integrated content and/or courses will vary across disciplines and will examine the integrative nature of the sustainability concept to their disciplinary work.  Ideally, students will gain knowledge about how to promote sustainability in their place of employment (e.g. support diversity, environmental activities such as recycling, reduction of waste, etc.).

Courses Available:


Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
NURS 2080- Health Promotion
HSCI 3950-Food Systems Management I
HSCI 4090- Food, Culture, Community, and Health
BI Program
ENTP 1000- Introduction to Entrepreneurship
College of Business
BUAD 4000- Business, Government, Law, and Society
College of Engineering
MAE 3302-Engineering Thermodynamics II
MAE 3320- Biomass Energy Systems
MAE 4302- Sustainable Energy Systems
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ANTH 1040- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
BIOL 3411- Conservation Ecology
BIOL 3700- General Ecology
CHEM 4521- Environmental Chemistry
ECON 3310- Ecological Economics
ECON 3610- Work and Pay
ECON 3770- Economic Development
ENGL 2920- Exploring English Studies: Sustainability
ENGL 3421- Nature’s Nation: Sustainability and American Literature
ENGL 3423- American Eco-Gothic: Literature, Film. Theory
ENGL 4973- Shakespeare and Sustainability
GEOL 3700- Environmental Geology
GES 1000- Environmental Systems: Climate and Vegetation
GES 3170- Saving Place
GES 3180- Changing Place
GES 3250- Geography of Climate Change
GES 4170- Writing Place
GES 4340- Soils
GES 4420- Conservation and US Public Lands
GES 4500- Water Resources and Water Problems
GES 4560- Cultural and Political Ecology
GES 4570- Militarization, Environment, and Society
GES 4610- Urban Geography
GES 4650- Restoration Geographies
GES 4750- Recreation, Tourism, and the Environment
GES 4800- Sustainability Seminar
GES 4920- Geography of Food
PHIL 4140- Philosophy, Globalization, and Sustainability
Physics and Energy Science
PES/ENSC 1600- Introductory Solar Energy
PES/ENSC 1620- Solar Energy Lab
Political Science
PSC 4290- International Environmental Politics
SOC 3340- Food, Health, and Inequality
SOC 4250- Sociology of the Environment
SOC 4380- Globalization and Development /WEST 4380
SOC 4660- Sociology of Medicine
WEST 3620- Media and Consumption
WEST 4120- Indigenous Views on Sustainability: All My Relations
WEST 4380- Globalization and Development /SOC 4380
WEST 4500- Social Justice and Sustainability: Living Mindfully
School of Public Affairs
CJ 3530- Management and Offenders