Compass Curriculum

Inclusiveness (Global/Diversity)

What is the objective of an Inclusiveness GE course?

Deliver on the promise of Compass Curriculum Goal 3, which is to Act and Interact. This goal states, "Students will cultivate self-awareness and understanding of their impact-locally, nationally, and globally.  Students will be prepared to participate effectively in a society that encompasses diverse experiences, perspectives, and realities. Compass Curriculum Goal 3, specifies that students learn about "Inclusiveness," and develop "competencies for cultural responsiveness across social differences in contexts ranging from local to global."

Show students how their understandings of different social and global perspectives are relevant to their education, careers, and lives.

Build on the existing strengths and uniqueness of UCCS in education around inclusiveness-locally, nationally, and globally.

The Inclusiveness integrated requirement would further our curricular and institutional efforts as articulated in the UCCS Strategic Plan 2012-201 under three strategic plan goals:

  • Foster academic programs that serve diverse communities and develop intellectually curious graduates who are globally and culturally competent.
  • Substantially increase international and domestic multicultural program opportunities and the number of international students and scholars on campus to build cultural understanding and to develop the global competencies of the UCCS community.
  • Build an inclusive UCCS educational community that attracts, embraces, and supports diverse students, faculty and staff to advance learning and scholarship in a multicultural world. 

Courses Available:

Inclusiveness (Global/Diversity)

BI Program
INOV 1010- The Innovation Process
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
NURS 1230- Foundations of Nursing Practice
NURS 2080- Health Promotion
NURS 4400- Community Health Nursing
HSCI 3630- Culture and Health
College of Business
MGMT 3300- Introduction to Management and Organization
College of Education
LEAD 1000- Foundations of Education
LEAD 3000- How College Students Develop
TED 4400- Children's Literature
College of Engineering
GDD 2100- Game Design for Diverse Populations
MAE 1503- Introduction to Engineering Design
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ANTH 1040- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 3040- Women Around the World /WEST 3040
ANTH 3420- North American Indians / WEST 3420
ENGL 2600- Literature: The Global Perspective
ENGL 2610- Literature: The Global Perspective II
ENGL 2930- Exploring English Studies: Inclusiveness
ENGL 4860- Rhetorics of the Family: From Narrow to Inclusive
GES 1980- World Regional Geography
GES 1990- Introduction to Human Geography
GES 3070- Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
GES 3400- Geopolitics
GES 3820- Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
GES 3980- Places and Faces: Geographic Issues in Film
GES 4020- Qualitative Methods in Geography
HIST 1110- Asian History: Southeast Asia
HIST 1120- Asian History: The Indian Subcontinent
HIST 1130- Asian History: China
HIST 1135- Introduction to Contemporary China
HIST 1140- Asian History: Japan
HIST 1400- Latin America to 1810
HIST 1410- Latin America Since 1810
HIST 1540- U.S.: Recent America, 1918-Present
HIST 1600- Making of the Modern Middle East I
HIST 1610- Making of the Modern Middle East II
HIST 3010- Women in Classical Antiquity /PHIL 3140/WEST 3140
HIST 3120- The Panorama of World Civilizations to 1500
HIST 3220- Genocide: The Case of the Nazis
HIST 3550- Religion and American Culture: 1500-2000
HIST 3560- Modern Mexico
HIST 3590- Latin American History Through Film
HIST 3720- From Slavery to Freedom, 1607-1877/ WEST 3720
HIST 3730- Vision and History in Native-American and African-American Narratives /WEST 3730
HIST 4130- Baghdad to Burgos: Jews, Christians, & Muslims in the Medieval Mediterranean World (600-1500 c.e.)
HIST 4140- Women in Medieval Europe
HIST 4150- Astrolabes, Arms, & Azulejos (Tiles):Medieval Science, Technology, & Material Culture(600-1500 c.e.)
HIST 4160- A Crossroads of Civilizations: Medieval Spain and North Africa (600-1500 c.e.)
HIST 4280- Beyond the Pillars of Hercules: The Trans-Atlantic Empires of Spain and Portugal (1450 - 1750)
HIST 4500- World War Two: A Global History
HIST 4530- Civil War and Reconstruction, 1850 - 1877
HIST 4730- Classical Chinese Thoughts and Politics
HIST 4740- Between Revolution and Reform: The Making of Modern China (1800-2012)
HIST 4750- Modern Japan
HIST 4780- History of Modern Southeast Asia
HIST 4880- Research Seminar: Civil Rights in American History
ID 3700- Art and Culture of Equatorial Africa
ID 3710- Great European Film Directors: A Historical View 1945-1994
Languages and Cultures
FCS 3240- French Culture from 1700-1917/ FR 3240
FCS 3380- Caribbean Literature, History, and Theory /WEST 3380
FR 3240- French Culture from 1700-1917 /FCS 3240
SPAN 3690- Hispanic Culture in Film /FILM 3690 /FCS 3690
PHIL 3140- Women in Classic Antiquity /HIST 3010/WEST 3140
Political Science
PSC 4480- Civil Rights and Liberties
GRNT 3000- Introduction to Gerontology
SOC 2220- Communities in a Global Environment
SOC 2250- Gender Images
SOC 3220- Urban and Community Sociology
SOC 3240- African American Community /WEST 3240
SOC 3250- Power, Privilege and Social Difference /WEST 3150
SOC 3290- Perspectives on Race and Ethnic Relations /WEST 3290
SOC 3340- Food, Health, and Inequality
SOC 3400- Criminology /WEST 3470
SOC 3490- Youth Gangs /WEST 3490
SOC 4040- Sociology of Gender and Sexuality /WEST 4040
SOC 4080- Men and Masculinities /WEST 4080
SOC 4200- Sociology of Poverty /WEST 4200
SOC 4240- Sociology of Dis/Ability
SOC 4290- Sport, Film, and Society
SOC 4380- Globalization and Development /WEST 4380
SOC 4390- Diversity Issues /WEST 4390
SOC 4660- Sociology of Medicine
SOC 4700- Global Feminisms /WEST 4700
SOC 4960- Juvenile Delinquency /WEST 4960
WEST 1010- Introduction to Social Justice Studies: Leadership, Inclusion and Engagement
WEST 2040- Global Black Women Writers
WEST 2500- Race Gender at the Movies
WEST 3040- Women Around the World /ANTH 3040
WEST 3090- Peep Show: Sexuality in Popular Culture
WEST 3100- Women of Color: Image and Voice
WEST 3140- Women in Classical Antiquity/HIST 3010/PHIL 3140
WEST 3290- Perspectives on Race and Ethnic Relations /SOC 3290
WEST 3150- Power, Privilege and Social Difference /SOC 3250
WEST 3240- African American Community /SOC 3240
WEST 3380- Caribbean Literature, History, and Theory /FCS 3380
WEST 3420- North American Indians / ANTH 3420
WEST 3470- Criminology /SOC 3400
WEST 3480- Global Women's Issues/ ANTH 3040
WEST 3490- Youth Gangs /SOC 3490
WEST 3720- From Slavery to Freedom, 1607-1877/ HIST 3720
WEST 3730- Vision and History in Native-American and African-American Narratives
WEST 4040- Sociology of Gender and Sexuality /SOC 4040
WEST 4080- Men and Masculinities /SOC 4080
WEST 4120- Indigenous Views on Sustainability
WEST 4200- Sociology of Poverty /SOC 4200
WEST 4280- Native American Philosophical Thought
WEST 4380- Globalization and Development /SOC 4380
WEST 4390- Diversity Issues /SOC 4390
WEST 4500- Social Justice & Sustainability: Living Mindfully
WEST 4700- Global Feminisms /SOC 4700
WEST 4960- Juvenile Delinquency /SOC 4960
School of Public Affairs
CJ 4120- Race, Class, and Crime
PAD 3268- Contemporary Issues in Social and Public Policy