Compass Curriculum


General education at UCCS prepares students for success in their majors, professional pursuits, and lives as creative, though;ul, informed, and engaged members of our diverse, global society.

  1. Evaluate and Create

    • Critical and creative thinking
    • Quantitative and qualitative reasoning
    • Information literacy
    • Communication: reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  2. Know and Explore

    • The physical and natural world
    • Humanities, arts, and culture
    • Society, social and economic institutions, health, and human behavior
  3. Act and Interact

    • Responsibility-personal, civic, and social
    • Engagement-creative, collaborative, artistic, and innovative
    • Inclusiveness-competencies for cultural responsiveness across social differences in contexts ranging from local to global
    • Sustainability-understanding the interaction between human development and the natural environment
    • Compass Curriculum Goals