Compass Curriculum

Explore Courses

What is the Objective of Explore Courses? The “Explore” component encompasses three courses that expose students to a breadth of disciplinary perspectives and methods. To this end, the courses that satisfy this component are meant to provide a broad level of understanding within a particular discipline. Students are required to take 3 courses (3 credits each = total 9 credits), but each one of those courses is from a different category. This type of engagement encourages students to explore disciplinary perspectives in order to gain a breadth of knowledge. Each student will be required to complete one course in each category.

What is the Structure? The three categories are drawn directly from Goal 2: Know and Explore of the Compass Curriculum Goals. The concepts are rooted in the traditional academic divisions (arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences), but expand on them to include courses offered by the professional colleges and allow for course offerings beyond disciplinary constraints.

Courses Available:

Explore Courses

The Physical and Natural World

Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
HSCI 1060- Personal Nutrition/ BIOL 1050
College of Business
SPTM 2350- Sport Science for Sport Administrators
College of Engineering
CS 1080- Exploring Computer Technology
CS 1100- Problem Solving Through Game Creation
GDD 1100- Problem Solving Through Game Creation
MAE 1502- Principles of Engineering
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ANTH 1030- Introduction to Human Origins
ANTH 3320- Primatology
ANTH 3370- Human Biology and Ecology
BIOL 1000- Biology in the Modern World
BIOL 1050- Personal Nutrition/ HSCI 1060
BIOL 1060- Introductory Biology Laboratory
BIOL 1350- General Biology II: Introduction to the Cell
BIOL 1360- General Biology II: Introduction to the Cell Laboratory
BIOL 2010- Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2020- Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 3450- Anatomy and Exercise Science: Fundamentals and Applications to Golf
BIOL 4150- Field Botany
CHEM 1101- Chemistry in the Modern World
CHEM 1102- Chemistry in the Modern World Lab
CHEM 1121- CSI: Forensic Chemistry I
CHEM 1122- CSI: Forensic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1201- Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 1211- Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 1221- Introduction to General, Organic, and Biochemistry
CHEM 1301- General Chemistry I
CHEM 1311- General Chemistry II
CHEM 1331- General Chemistry for Majors II
GEOL 1010- Physical Geology
GEOL 1020- Historical Geology
GEOL 3700- Environmental Geology
GES 1000- Environmental Systems: Climate and Vegetation
GES 1010- Environmental Systems: Landforms and Soils
GES 1050- Introduction to Map & Compass
HIST 1135- Introduction to Contemporary China
MATH 3010- Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I
MATH 3020- Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II
Physics and Energy Science
PES 1000- Physics in Everyday Life
PES 1040- Physics in Science Fiction
PES 1050- General Astronomy I
PES 1060- General Astronomy II
PES 1090- General Astronomy Lab I
PES 1100- General Astronomy Lab II
PES 1110- General Physics I- Calculus Based
PES 1140- Introduction to Physics Laboratory
PES/ENSC 1500- Introduction to Energy Science I
PES/ENSC 1510- Introduction to Energy Science II / ENSC 1510
PSY 3270- Introduction to Biopsychology

Arts, Humanities, and Cultures

BI Program
INOV 1010- The Innovation Process
College of Education
COUN 3100- Career Planning
TED 4400- Children's Literature
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
COMM 2270- TV Studio Production
ENGL 1500- Introduction to Literature for Non-Majors
ENGL 2600- Literature: The Global Perspective I
ENGL 2610- Literature: The Global Perspective II
ENGL 2820- Introduction to Rhetoric and Writing
ENGL 2920- Exploring English Studies: Sustainability
ENGL 2930- Exploring English Studies: Inclusiveness
ENGL 3320- Born in the USA: Masterpieces of American Literature
ENGL 3910- Topics in Literature
HIST 1110- Asian History: Southeast Asia
HIST 1120- Asian History: The Indian Subcontinent
HIST 1130- Asian History: China
HIST 1135- Introduction to Contemporary China
HIST 1140- Asian History: Japan
HIST 1400- Latin America to 1810
HIST 1410- Latin America Since 1810
HIST 1510- U.S.: Birth of a Nation, 1607-1789
HIST 1520- U.S.: Expansion and Division, 1789-1877
HIST 1540- U.S.: Recent America, 1918-Present
HIST 1600- Making of the Modern Middle East I
HIST 1610- Making of the Modern Middle East II
ID 2000, Mathematics: A Human Endeavor
Languages and Cultures
GER/FCS 3180- German/Austrian Civilization and Culture from 1700-1918
GER/FCS 3190- 20th and 21st Century German and Austrian Civilization and Culture
FR/FCS 3240- French Culture from 1700-1917
SPAN 3690- Hispanic Culture through Film / FCS 3690/FILM 3690
PHIL 1000- Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 1020- Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 1120- Critical Thinking
PHIL 1300- Introduction to Philosophies of Asia
PHIL 3100- World Religions
PHIL 3160- Philosophical Issues in Death and Dying
PHIL 3180- Practical Ethics
PHIL 4070- Existentialism
AH 1500- Art and Ideas: Michelangelo to Basquiet
AH 2860- Survey: Modern Art I
DNCE 2700- Fundamentals of Dance Technique
MUS 1000- Introduction to Music
MUS 1000- Introduction to Music
MUS 2100- Rock and Roll Music
MUS 2150-The Computer in Music
MUS 2200- Balinese Gamelan Ensemble
MUS 2210- Mountain Lion Pep/Concert Band
MUS 2250- Jazz and Improv Ensemble
MUS 2400- Chamber Music Ensemble
MUS 3150- Introduction to Ethnomusicology
THTR 1000- Introduction to Theatre
THTR 2020- Acting Workshop I
VA 1010- Beginning Studio 2D
VA 1020- Beginning Studio 3D
VA 1040- Beginning Drawing
WEST 2030- Hip hop and the Performance of Identities
WEST 2070- Foundations in Native American Studies
WEST 3100- Women of Color: Image and Voice
WEST 3550- Native American Literature
WEST 4280- Native American Philosophical Thought

Society, Health and Behavior

BI Program
ENTP 1000- Introduction to Entrepreneurship
Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
HSCI 1020- Personal Fitness and Wellness
College of Business
ACCT 2010- Introduction to Financial Accounting
BUAD 1000- Introduction to Business
FNCE 1200- Personal and Financial Planning
INFS 1100- Microsoft Office Applications and Computer Basics
MGMT 3300- Introduction to Management and Organization
MKTG 3000- Principles of Marketing
College of Education
LEAD 1000- Foundations of Education
COUN 2500- Introduction to Addictions and Treatment
COUN 3000- Intracultural Socialization Patterns
CURR 4800- Schools, Society and Diversity
IECE 1010- Diversity and Child Development
College of Engineering
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ANTH 1020- Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 1040- Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2800- The Nature of Language
ANTH 3040- Women Around the World/ WEST 3040
ANTH 3270- Archaeology of the Recent Past
BIOL 3450- Anatomy and Exercise Science: Fundamentals and Applications to Golf
COMM 1020- Interpersonal Communication
COMM 2010- Oral Communication in the Workplace
COMM 2100- Public Speaking
COMM 3400- Digital Communication Technologies
ECON 1000- The Economics of Social Issues
ECON 1010- Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 1050- Economics in Practice
ECON 2020- Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 3150- History of Economic Thought
ECON 3710- Comparative Economic Systems
GES 1980- World Regional Geography
GES 1990- Introduction to Human Geography
PHIL 3200- Politics and the Law
PHIL 4260- Philosophy of Law
Political Science
PSC 1100- The American Political System
PSY 1000- General Psychology
PSY 3400- Social Psychology
SOC 1110- Introduction to Sociology
SOC 2110- Sex and Society
SOC 2200- Introduction to Racial and Ethnic Groups
SOC 2240- Childhood Socialization
SOC 2250- Gender Images
SOC 2500- Social Problems
SOC 3310- Sociology of the Family/ WEST 3310
SOC 3340- Food, Health, and Inequality
SOC 4700- Global Feminisms / WEST 4700
WEST 1010- Introduction to Social Justice Studies: Leadership, Inclusion, and Engagement
WEST 3000- Race and Gender at the Movies
WEST 3040- Women Around the World /ANTH 3040
WEST 3060- Multi-Racial Identities
WEST 3070- Global Men and Masculinities
WEST 3090- Peep Show: Sexuality in Popular Culture
WEST 3310 -Sociology of the Family/ SOC 3310
WEST 3620- Media and Consumption
WEST 4100- Native American Perspectives on Museums /MSGP 4100
WEST 4120- Indigenous Views on Sustainability: All My Relations
WEST 4700 Global Feminisms /SOC 4700
MSGP 4100- Native American Perspectives on Museums /WEST 4100
School of Public Affairs
CJ 1001- Introduction to Criminal Justice