Compass Curriculum

Capstone Experience

What is the objective of a Capstone Experience?

Capstone Experiences provide advanced college students the opportunity to apply and integrate their knowledge and skills.  Capstones can ask students to demonstrate their ability to write, speak, and otherwise communicate ideas, to use knowledge, to solve problems, and to apply a variety of skills/competencies, both general and discipline-specific. Capstone Experiences have been identified by the AAC&U (Association of American Colleges and Universities) as a high impact educational practice. Capstones can be designed in a variety of ways. Regardless of the form of a Capstone Experience, the demonstrative student outcome integrates knowledge from discipline specific and general education courses in a unique way. The Capstone Experience allows students to synthesize skill development at the culmination of their undergraduate education. Capstone experiences encourage general communication skills development, related to public speaking/presenting, interpersonal (one to one) and/or group communication, or digital, visual, and performance media. 

Courses Available:

Capstone Experience

Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences
NURS 4400- Community Health Nursing
HSCI 4319- Clinical Laboratory Management II
HSCI 4810- Allied Health Completion Capstone
HSCI 4840- Program Evaluation HSCI 4940- Nutrition Practicum
HSCI 4950- Exercise Testing and Prescription
College of Business
BUAD 4500- Cases and Concepts in Business Policy
College of Education
TED 4630- Elementary- Student Teaching
TED 4730- Secondary- Student Teaching
UTED 4730- Apprentice Teaching (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math)
College of Engineering
CS 4100- Compiler Design I
ECE 4890- Senior Seminar
ECE 4899- Senior Design Project
MAE 4511- Engineering Design II
ENTP 4500- Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Letters, Arts, and Sciences
ANTH- 4980 Senior Seminar in Anthropology
BIOL- 4010 Seminar in Biology
CHEM 4911- Chemistry Capstone
CHEM 4921- Biochemistry of Human Health and Development
COMM 4000- Rhetorical Dimensions in Communication
COMM 4350- Critical Analysis of Popular Culture
COMM 4950- Seminar in Leadership and Organizational Change
ENGL 4300- Studies in American Literature and Culture
ENGL 4310- Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 4410- Topics in Contemporary Poetry Studies
ENGL 4700- Seminar in Literary Theory
ENGL 4880- Topics in Public Rhetorics
ENGL 4950- Seminar in Literary Topics
GES 4460- Field Studies in Geography
GES 4970- Honors in Geography
HIST 4990- Senior Thesis Seminar: Approaches to the Study of History
Languages and Cultures
SPAN 4970- Senior Seminar Spanish
MATH 4040- Senior Math Seminar
PHIL 4950- Senior Seminar and Thesis
PES 4810- Senior Physics Seminar
Political Science
PSC 4020- The American Congress
PSC 4470- Constitutional Law
PSY 4280-Seminar in Abnormal Psychology
PSY 4400-Senior Seminar in Social Psychology
PSY 4620- Seminar in Developmental Psychology
SOC 4980- Capstone Preparatory
SOC 4990- The Sociology Capstone
AH 4980- Senior Seminar in Art History
FILM 4980- Capstone
MUS 4980- Music Capstone: Senior Thesis
THTR 4980- Theatre Capstone: Advanced Theatre Production
VA 4980- Professional Seminar
WEST 4950- Capstone Senior Seminar
School of Public Affairs
CJ 4121- Ethics in Criminal Justice