The Center for Excellence in Communication is committed to providing our students and coworkers with useful and applicable reference tools. Listed below are pamphlets to help you succeed, whether it's about acing that next interview, working with SPSS, learning about competent oral communication, or simply gaining a better understanding of the eight public speaking competencies (and then some!).

New brochures are always in the works, so check back often for an updated list. Also, be sure to make an appointment with the Center for Excellence in Communication to work with a tutor or graduate associate to help hone your skills in these categories!

The Eight Public Speaking Competencies

An in-depth look at public speaking competency in terms of content and delivery. 2100 students, this is how you're graded in recitation; this resource provides extra insight into what your recitation instructor is looking for!

PDF: The Eight Public Speaking Competencies Grading Form

Developed by Todd Waters
8 Competencies

Outlining For Success

This pamphlet focuses exclusively on the correct layout and writing appropriate for public speaking outlines. Learn about formal structure, consistency, and proper in-text citations. Students enrolled in any public speaking course will benefit from the information provided in this brochure.

Developed by Coral Laski

Managing Speech Anxiety

Did you know public speaking is America's number one fear? This brochure helps even the most apprehensive speakers feel more confident in front of an audience. Learn about effective speech preparation strategies, delivery tips, and learn to channel apprehension to your benefit, once and for all!

Developed by Coral Laski

Additional information: Apprehension

How to Give a GREAT Presentation

Need some extra hints before that first big presentation? What about a couple last-minute pointers before you begin writing your speech outline? Even if you consider yourself an "experienced" public speaker, there's always more to learn. Use this brochure for helpful pointers about giving successful presentations.

Developed by Bonnie Nephew


Tips for Teaching Assistants

The transition from student to TA or GTA can be rough. It can be difficult to discover how to interact with students when they are also your peers. This brochure will give you a few pointers to put you on the right track. 

Developed by Julie Alexander


Using Technology in Presentations

With technology constantly evolving and becoming increasingly user-friendly, incorporating it into your presentation is an imperative. With this brochure, you will learn about different user-friendly technologies that will both enhance your presentation and add that tech-savvy "umph" today's presentations call for.

Developed by Angela Ibrahim

Using Social Media to Market Yourself

Use this pamphlet to find out new and innovative ways to market yourself interactively. With prospective employers checking on applicant's every Facebook and Twitter move, this is information you can't afford to pass up. Learn how to use social media to your advantage-- it just might land you that job interview.

Developed by Nick Serrano-Piche

Acing Your Interview

Are you well-prepared for your next job interview? Do you need assistance in just finding a job? What about your interview etiquette? Are you up to scratch? This comprehensive pamphlet focuses on your job search and interview skills, helping prepare you for that new on-campus job, promotion, or big career move.

Developed by Todd Waters

Additional information: Interview workshop, the Six Interview Competencies, resume and cover letters

SPSS Simplified

Struggling with those complicated statistical equations? Are you taking a course that requires the use of SPSS for processing and analyzing data sets? Whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student conducting and/or analyzing quantitative research this SPSS Simplified pamphlet is bound to make life easier.

Developed by Solomon Pudaite

The ABC's of Interacting with Students

Faculty and staff, this research and experience-driven pamphlet focuses on effective communication with your students. Learn about ways to enhance your students' learning experiences at UCCS, implement effective communication strategies, and reach your student-development goals.

Developed by Bonnie Nephew

Learning Styles

Have you ever sat in class and wondered why everything is always taught the same way? Lecture, take notes, read Power Point, and done. Now I am supposed to remember everything I just heard and read?
The truth is, most students do not learn best this way. In fact, only ten percent of people prefer read/write as their learning style; this pamphlet discusses the VARK, and will help you discover the best way you can maximize your learning, whether it's through visual, aural, read/write, or kinesthetics.

Developed by Lindsey McCormick
learning styles


Providing Speech Critiques

When given the opportunity to comment on a speaker's performance, you have the power to influence, and should see yourself as a catalyst for positive change and improvement in communication. This pamphlet will give you some great advice on how to engage in this process. 

Developed by Jesse Perez

Communication as a Discipline

What is communication as a discipline? What types of jobs are available for communication majors? This brochure will walk you through the field of communication.

Developed by Rayven Irons
coloured world

Communication in the Workplace

Sending and receiving messages in a work environment requires respect, listening, and planning. Some useful advice for effective professional communication can be found in this brochure. 

Developed by Carly Darrow
Business women 2

Nonverbal Communication in Presentations

Research shows that the single most powerful form of communication is nonverbal: eye contact, facial expressions, gestures and paralanguage. People remember how you say something more clearly than what you say. Peruse this brochure for more information. 

Developed by Brittney DeLaughter
me and my worried thoughts

Group Projects

Working in a group can either be a fantastic experience or fantastically frustrating, depending on how the group can manage its dynamics. This pamphlet will give you some models to employ in your next group setting to help smooth the ice. 

Developed by Kelly Lynch
Person: pyramid

Graduate Program in Communication

This pamphlet is a brief overview of the Masters program in Communication at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. 

Developed by MJ Arjomandi

Dressing for Success

Dressing professionally can be simple, but there are rules to dressing to impress. What does business professional mean? Let this pamphlet help you out. 

Developed by Tony Mitchell
business man 1

Communicating Professionally with Faculty

An email to a faculty member is not the same thing as an email to a friend or a family member. Proper communication techniques are important to learn, as the majority of workplace communication now takes place via email. This pamphlet will help you establish good email practices for the future. 

Developed by Laura Kluckman