The Leadership Communication Track (2011)

Communication Theory -  Required by all Comm. Students
COMM 2030         Communication Theory  (3 hours)

Communication Foundation Courses – Select any 3  (9 hours)
COMM 1000         Contemporary Mass Media
COMM 1020         Interpersonal Communication
COMM 1440         Foundations of Leadership
COMM 2100         Public Speaking
COMM 2250          Intro to Film and Video
COMM 2500         Research Method
COMM 3240         Business and Professional Communication
COMM 3280         Intercultural Communication
COMM 4000         Rhetorical Dimensions in Communication

Leadership Communication Track – Required – 5 Courses
COMM 2440         Leadership Theory and Practice (COMM 1440 Pre-Req.)
COMM 3440         Organizational Leadership  
COMM 3770         Ethical Leadership
COMM 4770         Leadership Communication in a Global Environment 
COMM 4950         Seminar in Leadership and Organizational Change  (COMM 2440 Pre-Req.)

Leadership Communication Track – Electives – Choose 3 Courses
COMM 3100         Directing for Film and Television
COMM 3150         Communication Competency in Groups and Teams
COMM 3200         Principles and Practice of Public Relations
COMM 3230         Nonverbal Communication
COMM 3240         Business and Professional Communication
COMM 3250         Principles and Practices of Advertising
COMM 3330         Gender and Leadership
COMM 3400         Digital Communication Technologies
COMM 3650         Mass Media and Society
COMM 3850         Walt Disney: The Nexus of Communication and Imagination
COMM 4050         Social Media and Public Relations
COMM 4100         Advanced Public Speaking
COMM 4160         Communication Training and Development
COMM 4200         Persuasion
COMM 4220         Creative Communication
COMM 4250         Advanced Interpersonal Communication: Conflict Management
COMM 4280         Multicultural Diversity & Workplace Communication (Prereq: COMM 3280)
COMM 4290         Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
COMM 4510         Quantitative Methods for Communication Research (Prereq: COMM 2500)
COMM 4750         Communication Law
COMM 4800         Capstone Course: Cases and Campaigns
COMM 4900          Special Topics in Communication (with approval of Director of Undergrad. Studies)
COMM 9400         Independent Study (with approval of Director of Undergrad. Studies)