Leadership Studies Minor (2010)

Core Courses
COMM 1440
COMM 2440
COMM 4950
Foundations of Leadership
Leadership Theory and Practice
Seminar in Leadership and Organizational Change
Electives (choose 1 course/ 3 credits from each area)
Understanding Diversity
COMM 2150
COMM 3280
COMM 3330
PSC 3010
PSY 3450
PSY 3550 
SOC 2200 
Male/Female Communication
Intercultural Communication
Gender and  Leadership
Women in Politics
Psychology of Diversity
Psychology and Women
Introduction to Racial and Ethnic Groups
Perspectives on Race and Ethnic Relations
Management and Organizational Leadership
COMM 3440
MGMT 3300
MGMT 4370 
PHIL 4160
SOC 4350  
Organizational Leadership
Introduction to Management and Organization
Organizational Development and Change
Business and Management Ethics
Formal Organization
Social and Political Applications of Leadership
COMM 3770
COMM 4290
COMM 4770 
ECON 3300  
LEAD 2110 
LEAD 4500 
PHIL 4140   
PSC 4070 
PSC 4390   
SOC 2220 
Ethical Leadership
Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
Leadership Communication in a Global Environment
Environmental Economics
Community Service
Profiles of Leadership
Student Leadership Seminar (only for students in CLC)
Philosophy, Globalization, and Sustainability
Urban Politics
The Presidency
Communities in a Global Environment

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