Digital Filmmaking and Media Arts Track (2010)

Communication Foundation Courses (3 courses/ 9 hours)

COMM 1000   Contemporary Mass Media
COMM 2030   Communication Theory
COMM 2250   Introduction to Film and Video
Digital Film and Media Arts Core Courses (6 courses/ 18 hours)
COMM 2270   Television Studio Production
COMM 3100   Directing for Film and Television
COMM 3270   Intermediate Television Production
COMM 3300   Screenwriting
COMM 4170   Documentary Filmmaking
COMM 4270   Digital Film Production
Elective Courses (choose any 4 courses/ 12 credit hours)
COMM 4690   Internship (with approval of Internship Director)
COMM 2900   Writing for the Media
COMM 3400   Digital Media Technologies
COMM 3450   History of Television Programming
COMM 3500   American Cinema
COMM 3650   Mass Media and Society
COMM 3850   Walt Disney: The Nexus of Communication and Imagination
COMM 4140   Media Effects  
COMM 4000   Rhetorical Dimensions in Communication
COMM 4300   Ethical Issues in Communication
COMM 4750   Communication Law
COMM 4010   Advanced Lighting and Sound (PROPOSED) 
COMM 4440   Advanced Editing (PROPOSED) 
COMM 4900   Special Topics in Communication (with approval of Director of Undergraduate Studies)
COMM 9400    Independent Study (with approval of Director of Undergraduate Studies)


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