Contact: Dr. Sherwyn Morreale
Director of Graduate Studies

The Master of Arts (MA) in Communication at UCCS offers students the opportunity to engage in advanced study and develop graduate-level expertise for addressing complex communication problems in modern organizations and social systems. This program prepares graduates for careers in the profit and nonprofit sectors, as well as in academia. Given the extent to which communication is ubiquitous, the mission of our graduate program is to help students develop an array of scholarly, personal, and professional communication skills suitable to a variety of contexts. Students are encouraged to develop expertise either in professional communication with an emphasis on organizational communication, leadership, and strategic communication, or advanced general studies with an emphasis on communication competence in their own particular area of interest. With either focus, students learn to connect communication knowledge, theory, and research capacities to real-world situations. In addition, our program seeks to instill in students a passion for intellectual and theoretical discovery that transcends career objectives and course expectations.

Learning Outcomes Honoring Our Mission

Upon graduation, all of our students will demonstrate these competencies:

  • Broad-based and advanced knowledge and understanding of communication processes and theories related to organizational communication and/or the student's personal area of interest.
  • Well-developed communication skills, including critical thinking and analysis, speaking, and writing, that prepare for success in the workplace or further graduate studies, including a doctoral program.
  • An awareness and motivation to use their communication knowledge and skills with sensitivity to critical issues such as ethics and inclusiveness in a diverse and technologically mediated global environment and society.
  • Proficiency in designing and conducting an original communication research study or a research-based training in their chosen area of interest.


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