Program Requirements

1.     Once admitted into the Accelerated BA/MA program, (while an undergraduate student), accelerated students must complete their graduate courses with a minimum grade of 3.25 in each course. They also must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.25 in all coursework and in coursework applied to their major.

2.     Issues of satisfactory academic progress and transfer credit is the responsibility of the Graduate Program Director and the Undergraduate Program Director with participation by the Communication Chair and Graduate Dean as appropriate.  The two Directors are responsible for dismissing or placing on probation those students who do not maintain the minimum requirements stated above.

3.     Students who drop out or are dismissed from the Accelerated program and have not yet had their mid-program review are eligible to complete their Bachelor's degree, subject to the normal rules of that program.  Students who drop out or are dismissed from the Accelerated program after having had a successful mid-program review are awarded the BA.   They are eligible to apply in the traditional manner to the Communication Master's program and transfer credits (subject to normal limitations) that were not used toward the Bachelor of Arts.

4.     Within two weeks of being accepted in the Accelerated MA program, students will complete a plan of study indicating how they intend  to complete the BA/MA program and will submit that plan to the Directors of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies in Communication.