Program Eligibility

Participation in the Accelerated program is equivalent to the aggregate of the BA and MA degrees, except that up to nine credits hours can be applied toward both the BA and MA requirements.  Students admitted to the Accelerated degree program will maintain their undergraduate standing until a mid-program review, which will determine their eligibility to continue in the Accelerated degree program.  The mid-program review is conducted the semester in which the student will complete the BA requirements (including 120 credit hours).  A student is considered eligible to continue upon meeting the following minimum standards and criteria: completion of the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, and maintenance of a minimum cumulative overall GPA of 3.25 and Communication GPA of 3.50. 

Upon determination of eligibility to continue, the student is recommended for formal admission to the Graduate School.  Such a recommendation must be made by the Communication Graduate Director.  Upon approval of the recommendation, the office of the Dean of the Graduate School will complete the necessary procedures to admit the candidate as a graduate student for the completion of his or her program.  Any students not recommended for continuation in the Accelerated degree program are eligible to complete their Bachelor's degree. 

BA/MA students are not required to complete the MA program. BA/MA students are admitted, however, on the premise that they intend to complete both degrees.

Dual Credits
The BA/MA program allows students to count nine semester credits toward both the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Master's in Communication programs. In order for credit to be double-counted, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Dual credit courses are approved by the Graduate Faculty in Communication
  2. Dual credit courses must be completed with a B+ or better
  3. Dual credit courses must be taken for graduate credit (5000 level)
  4. Dual credit courses must be offered by the UCCS Department of Communication