Department of Communication

Department of Communication Minors

Students may elect to minor in communication by using one of the following four options (each requires a concentration of 18 hours; nine of which must be upper division):

General Communication Minor

  • COMM 1020: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2030: Introduction to Communication Theory OR COMM 3650: Mass Media and Society
  • COMM 2100: Public Speaking
  • COMM 4000: Rhetorical Dimensions of Communication
    AND any two upper division communication courses

Organizational Communication Minor

  • COMM 1020: Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2240: Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • COMM 3240: Business and Professional Communication
  • COMM 4240: Advanced Organizational Communication - Spring only
    AND two of the following five courses
  • COMM 3150: Group Processes
  • COMM 3280: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 3440: Leadership Communication
  • COMM 3650: Mass Media and Society - Fall only
  • COMM 4250: Advanced Interpersonal Communication: Conflict Management

Media Minor

  • COMM 2250: Intro to Film and Video
  • COMM 2270: Beginning Television Production
  • COMM 2900: Writing for the Media
  • COMM 3650: Mass Media and Society - Fall only
    AND two of the following courses
  • COMM 3250: Principles and Practices of Advertising
  • COMM 3500: American Cinema
  • COMM 4500: Media Management
  • COMM 4610: Principles and Practice of Public Relations

Leadership Studies Minor

Students may also pursue the minor option in Leadership Studies. The minor is designed to both facilitate and enhance the transformation of students as they discover their full potential and become enlightened leaders within a democratic society. Core and elective faculty are drawn from the Colleges of Letters, Arts, and Sciences; Business: and Education.

Requirements for Leadership Studies minor option:

  • Completion of 18 credit hours
  • Three core courses in Leadership Studies
  • One elective from each Leadership Content Area

All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better

Courses taken as part of the Leadership Studies minor may not be counted toward a major or minor in any other degree program.

Leadership Studies Core Requirements

  • COMM 1440: Foundations of Leadership
  • COMM 2440: Leadership Theory & Practice
  • COMM 4950: Seminar in Leadership and Organizational Change
    AND one elective from each Leadership content area

Leadership Content Area Electives

Understanding Diversity:

  • COMM 2150: Male/Female Communication
  • COMM 3280: Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 3330: Gender and Leadership
  • PSC/WEST 3010: Women in Politics
  • PSY 3450: Psychology of Diversity
  • PSY 3550/WEST 3450: Psychology and Women
  • SOC/WEST 2200: Intro to Racial/Ethnic Groups
  • SOC/WEST 3290: Race and Ethnic Relations

Management and Organizational Leadership:

  • COMM 3440: Organizational Leadership
  • MGMT 3300: Introduction to Management and Organizations
  • MGMT 4370: Organizational Development and Change
  • PHIL 4160: Business and Management Ethics
  • SOC 4350: Formal Organizations

Social and Political Applications of Leadership:

  • LEAD 2110: Profiles in Leadership
  • COMM 3770: Ethical Leadership
  • COMM 4290: Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • COMM 4770: Leadership Communication in a Global Environment
  • ECON 3300: Environmental Economics
  • ID/GES/WEST 3660: Community Service
  • LEAD 4500: Student Leadership Seminar (only for students in CLC)
  • PHIL 4140: Environmental Philosophy
  • PSC 4070: Urban Politics
  • ID/PSC 4390: The Presidency
  • SOC 2220: Communities in a Global Environment