Carmen Stavrositu

Assistant Professor

Contact Info
Office Phone: 719-255-4024
Email Address:


~ Courses Taught ~

  • Contemporary Mass Media
  • Media Effects
  • Emerging Communication Technologies
  • Statistical Data Analysis


~ Education ~

  • B.A., University of Bucharest
  • M.A., Penn State University
  • Ph.D., Penn State University

~ Background Information ~

Carmen  Stavrositu joined the Communication Department’s faculty in Fall 2007. She teaches courses in media effects, data analysis and emerging technologies. Her research pertains to social and psychological effects of Web-based new media and media effects. Her recent work focuses on the empowering potential of blogging technologies for members of marginalized groups. Her work has appeared in Journal of Computer-Mediated CommunicationCyberPsycholgy & Behavior, and Blogging, Citizenship, and the Future of Media, among others.

Communications Department



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