Columbine Hall Open Lab

UCCS Information Technology operates an open computer lab in Columbine Hall room 231.  This lab is equipped with both Apple iMac and HP Windows workstations as well as a Paw Prints Release Station.  The open lab is available for use by current UCCS students, faculty, and staff.

The open lab includes:

  • 42 PCs
  • 8 Macs
  • 2 Flatbed Graphics Scanners
  • Paw Prints Black/White Laser Printers
  • Paw Prints Mobile Printing Release Station

Computer Assistance Desk

Student advisors are on duty at the Computer Assistance Desk to support IT Lab users.  They can help answer questions and solve most problems with the IT Lab computers and Paw Prints system.  If you have problems logging in, printing, running the software you need, or finding access to a group study room, the Lab Advisors are there to help.


Columbine Hall Computerized Classrooms

UCCS Information Technology operates computerized classrooms in Columbine Hall rooms 209, 220, 221, 223, 224, 230, 231A, and 329.  Classes are scheduled in these rooms where students are required have a computer available for the course.  All of these rooms have 23 Windows PC workstations (including the instructor station), with the excteption of room 209 which has 30 iMac, and room 329 which is scheduled by the Geogrpahy Department.

UCCS Information Technology also operates Smart Classrooms with enhanced presentation technology.  Please visit the Smart Classrooms page for more information.


Have questions regarding Columbine Hall software policies? Please go here.

Have more questions? Please visit : Columbine Hall Frequently Asked Questions