What Geographers Do

Archive of COGA's "This is what geographers do" feature

Stereoscopic image

3-D for Teaching: Stereoscopic Visualization in Geography Classrooms, Dr. Peter Anthamatten, Sept-Oct 2013

Dr. Joseph Kerski GIS Education Community, Dr. Joseph Kerski, Summer 2013
Mapping the Nation Mapping the Nation by Susan Schultan, Spring 2013
Wildland-Urban Interface The Wildland-Urban Interface (Rutherford Platt), Winter 2013
Colorado Springs Parks Sometimes geographers are also historians.  (Judith Rice-Jones), Fall 2013
Pancake Did you know that Kansas is flatter than a pancake?
Trees How did all of the trees get here?
China Cultural strategies of development: implications for village governance in China
Chili How Pueblo, Colorado has incorporated the chile pepper as its official symbol in an attempt to recreate its identity
accurate It is a cartographer's duty to be accurate
Karen Karen Barton: Nature-society interactions and resource conflicts in wetlands and fisheries of South America and the US Pacific Northwest
Jan CU-Boulder Assistant Professor Najeeb Jan was featured in the Spring 2010 Coloradan discussing politics and identity as related to Pakistan
Pueblo County GIS Manager Chris Markuson ensures residents understand how important it is to have an up-to-date and reliable geospatial technology system. Check his explanation on the Pueblo County website.

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