Special Topics


The special topics page is designed to provide several small collections of resources that a focused on specific topics.  Each of these resources provide maps, geospatial tools, articles, and references collected to contribute to your lessons plans on important topics for Colorado students and teachers.  If you have a suggestion that you would like to add to one of these pages, please feel free to contact us at coga@uccs.edu

  • Floods - the wide spread flooding of Colorado in the late summer of 2013 prompted a plethora of applications for geospatial analysis.  Check out this page for a few of our favorites.
  • COGA Election Coverage - collection of maps and data related to national and local elections.
  • Wildfires - articles, tools, and references to help you and your students explore fires, their impacts, and climate change in Colorado.
  • What Geographers Do - feature of COGA that explores the many facets of geography, geographic education, and geographic investigation.