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National Geographic Giant Traveling Map of Colorado

The Giant Map of Colorado, an oversized vinyl floor map (14' x 21'), is designed to encourage geographic learning through physical movement and games, teaching place names, physical geography, and cultural geography as well as map reading skills.  Based on the national giant traveling map program featuring continents and the Pacific Ocean, National Geographic created a giant map of each state to travel to schools, libraries, and museums.  For information about how to reserve the map for a visit to your school or district, check out this flyer, and email COGA with any additional questions!

National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps

National Geographic Giant Traveling Maps are enormously entertaining and educationally powerful tools for introducing geography and map reading skills to students, grades K-8. What better way to teach young people the power of maps and the limitless depth of geography than a basketball court-sized map of a continent on which they can explore, travel from country to country, hop around, compete, collaborate and have lots of fun?

National Geographic’s Giant Traveling Maps, produced by National Geographic Live, tour the country’s schools, bringing hands- and feet-on geography education to hundreds of thousands students each year. Designed to promote geographic literacy by igniting interest in geography, the maps and accompanying activities incorporate physical movement and games to teach students place names, physical geography, and cultural geography as well as map reading skills.

These floor maps of Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and the Pacific Ocean are available for rent, each accompanied by a complete teacher guide, activities, game props, and educational resources. (Text courtesy of National Geographic)

The Colorado Geographic Alliance has grant funding available to help pay for rentals of these giant maps. The request form can be found here.

In most cases several schools and libraries within a district will look to host a map during the rental period, allowing a broad range of students and educators to benefit from the map. A sample district schedule can be found here, showing how the map may be utilized by multiple educators.

Colorado schools have hosted several different giant maps. To see pictures or media coverage of these map visits, check out the links below.

In October of 2013, the Colorado Geographic Alliance brought the Giant Map of the Pacific to four schools throughout Colorado:  Queen Palmer Elementary School,  the Cool Science Festival hosted at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Windsor Middle School, and Vail Mountain School.

Giant Traveling Map Visits in Colorado

To view pictures from the 2013 visit at Castle Rock Middle School, click on this link.

To view pictures from the Giant Map of the Africa visit at the Cool Science Festival on October 3rd, 2015 at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs , click on this link . The map also visited Hanson Elementary, Lewis Palmer Elementary, Indian Peaks Elementary, and Rose Hill Elementary.

COGA created an online map through ArcGIS online to show the geographic range of visitors to the tour of the Giant Map of the Pacific.  This map shows a yellow point for each school that had a student visit the Cool Science Festival Map, and red dots for the individual schools visited.  Click on the points to see how many students visited from that area!  Additionally, visit the ArcGIS map link to see the geographic range of visitors to the tour of the Giant Map of Africa.  The green dots show the schools the map visited and the orange dots represent where young kids came from to visit the map.

Visits from previous years: