Colorado Geographic Alliance

Water in the West

Climate Science Connections: Water in the West

 June 2-30, 2014, Free Online Course, CIRES, University of Colorado at Boulder

How will climate change affect the availability of water in the Western United States—where water is already the most precious natural resource? What water management challenges does the Western U.S. face? How do we manage natural disasters like drought, wildfire, and flooding? This course engages participants with cutting-edge science in exploring these and other questions about the intersection of climate change and water management in the West

Fire Ecology Institute for Educators

Fire Ecology Institute for Educators


June 16-20, 2014, Florissant, CO

For 12 years, educators have been studying hot topics and burning issues, gaining knowledge and activities to spark student interest and motivation in natural resources. Read their amazing reflections and lesson plans at, then sign up to experience this yourself! We’ll visit fire and flood sites (Buffalo Creek, Hayman, Waldo Canyon, Springer and Black Forest fires) and learn from fire fighters, foresters, dendrochronologists, ecologists, hydrologists, emergency personnel, fire educators and others whose lives are impacted by fire’s many impacts.


University of Montana

Workshop in Teaching Geography


Summer Session: June 16 - June 20, 2014

GPHY 497 three credits

This course is designed for pre-service and in-service teachers and others interested in teaching geography and will provide different resources for use in the classroom and will involve active, engaged-learning methods.  Learn methodologies and techniques in teaching geography, develop approaches to address the National Geography Standards, gain experience with geography education materials for middle and high school levels and be introduced to geospatial technologies (Google Earth, GPS, GIS) for classroom application.  Course counts towards 45 OPI renewal credits. To register, go to  Use CRN 51048.  For more information , please contact Dr. Christiane von Reichert at, Dr. Sarah Halvorson at, or Kayde Kaiser at


USGS Webinars

USGS Webinars: Using The National Map Services to Enable your Web and Mobile Mapping Efforts

April 30, 2014 - 9AM Mountain Time

Are you a developer, firm, or organization using mobile or web applications to enable your users?  The USGS has publicly available geospatial services and data to help you!   The USGS' National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC) will be hosting a 30 minute Webinar on "Using The National Map services to enable your web and mobile mapping efforts".  

This webinar will feature a brief overview of services, data, and products that are publicly available, a quick overview on how ( a leading private firm is leveraging this public data to benefit their users, and a Question & Answer session with a USGS developer to help you get the most out of the national geospatial services.
For more information on the webinar and how to access the webinar, visit