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We post regional job listings on behalf of other institutions for a limited time. Typically these are posts for leadership, counseling and teaching positions.  If you have questions or need assistance regarding any listed postings, please contact the point of contact listed in the announcement. Use the links below to explore the opportunities.

Special Needs 360 has some new openings for students who would like to get more experience in working with special needs individuals and becoming one of our Positive Peer Mentors. A Positive Peer Mentor has the opportunity to develop a strong therapeutic relationship with clients that creatively helps these clients grow in social and independent living skills. They have the chance to make a positive impact in a person's life, working alongside the family to help special needs individuals reach personal goals with the overall goal of greater independence and social connectedness in the community. Mentor's also have the benefit of a great support system, flexible hours, and the opportunity to gain valuable work experience. This internship pays $10 per hour and offers anywhere from 4-12 hours per week depending on fit and availability.

Requirements: A passion or interest in helping special needs individuals with the idea of pursuing a career in a similar field. Must have a valid drivers license, insurance, and have a clean background report. Driving most likely required and mileage will be reimbursed at standard mileage reimbursement rates.

To apply, please follow this link or send an email directly to:

Posted 3/20/2015 10:15 A.M.

World Compass Academy is looking for the following classroom teachers - Preschool through fifth grade Specials teachers - Art, P.E., Music Foreign language teachers - fluent in Spanish, French, or Mandarin

Other Positions - Social Worker, Early Childhood Teachers, Teacher's Aides, School Librarian

Description: World Compass Academy, the newest charter school in Douglas County, Colorado, is now accepting applications for all teaching and staff positions for the 2015-16 school year. World Compass Academy equips students to go anywhere in the world with the foundational skills needed for success. Core Knowledge will serve as the foundation of the curriculum with an emphasis on mastery based learning. Additionally, language teachers will deliver 45 minutes of daily immersion instruction to children in each grade in either Spanish, French, and Mandarin. We are seeking flexible, creative, innovative individuals who are extremely organized, hard working and open to new ideas. Applicants should be team players and possess a desire to focus on customer service to build strong partnerships with students and families.

Qualifications: Colorado Teaching License where applicable 

To apply please fill out an application form at:

Posted 3/9/2015 3:15 P.M.

COLORADO SPRINGS CHARTER ACADEMY  has an opening for an Educational Assistant. Please apply at

Choose Contact us and see Employment Opportunities

Title: Educational Assistant Description: We are a K-8 charter school that uses Core Knowledge curriculum and stresses rigorous academics and character.

Benefits: Health, Dental and Vision benefits available

Requirements: Please submit cover letter, resume and three letters of reference to Contact Name: Channa Dillie Contact Phone: (719) 636-2722 Contact Fax: (719) 636-2726

Contact Email: Contact Address: 2577 N. Chelton Road Contact City: Colorado Springs Contact State: CO Contact Zip: 80909

Posted 2/26/2015 4:44 P.M.

Denver Public Schools are looking to fill a position for a Postsecondary Coach-Graduate Assistant will provide support and advising services to assist Denver Public School high school students with college access, career planning and/or career awareness activities across DPS networks. The Postsecondary Coach will split their time between three DPS schools, with supplemental support to additional schools. They will work to collaborate and align with area high school administrators, school counselors, college personnel, and members of community organizations. Support will include trainings throughout the year, a college-access curriculum, and multiple mentors across the district.

Posted 2/12/2015 4:06 P.M.