College of Education

Katherine Kearney, MA

Instructor, Gifted & Talented Endorsement Program

College of Education

1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Katherine Kearney is an instructor for the Gifted & Talented Endorsement Program in the College of Education at UCCS.


CURR 5202 Assessment & ID

CURR 5203 Psychology

Selected Publications

Recent Presentations

National Association for Gifted Children 56th Annual Convention, St. Louis, MO, November 2009

  • Move Over, Galton! Hidden, Surprising 19th Century Sources for Conceptions of Giftedness
  • One Brief Moment, Locked in Time: Lifelong Impact of the Individual Progress Class (with Marleina Ford)
  • Conceptual Challenges to Measuring the Full Range of Giftedness (with Linda Silverman and Bobbie Gilman)
  • Gifted Assessment: What Do All These Scores Mean, and How Do They Compare? (with Carolyn Kottmeyer)

Second National Symposium on Assessing Gifted Learners, Van Nuys, CA, March 2009

  • Don't Throw Away Any Binet

Illinois Association for Gifted Children, Chicago, Illinois, February 2009 (Invited Speaker)

  • Understanding and Nurturing Gifted Children: The Challenges, the Joys, the Unexpected Surprises
  • Life in the Gifted Family
  • The Online Bargain Basement: Totally Free Courses and Curriculum for Gifted Students
  • Understanding Highly & Profoundly Gifted Children

National Association for Gifted Children 55th Annual Convention, Tampa, Florida, October/November 2008.

  • Wechsler's Ability to an Extraordinary Degree: Extended Norms on the WISC-IV (with John Wasserman, Linda Silverman, & Tommie G. Cayton)
  • Responding to Asynchronous Development in the Gifted: Toward a Theory of Developmental Differentiation (with Barbara Hutton)
  • The Gifted Parent Online: Totally Free Internet Tools for Parent Support & Advocacy (with Carolyn Kottmeyer)

Representative Publications

  • Lovecky, D. V., Kearney, K., & Falk, F. (in press, forthcoming Spring, 2011). A comparison of the Stanford-Binet Fifth Edition and the Stanford-Binet Form L-M in the assessment of gifted children. In R. Boolootian & L. K. Silverman (Eds.), Assessment techniques in the identification of gifted learners.
  • Meckstroth, E. & Kearney, K. (October, 2007). Indecent exposure: Does the media exploit highly gifted children? Gifted Education Communicator, California Association for the Gifted.
  • Kearney, K., & LeBlanc, J. (1993). Forgotten pioneers in the study of gifted African-Americans. Roeper Review, 15 (4), 192-199.
  • Kearney, K. (1990). Leta Hollingworth's unfinished legacy: Children above 180 IQ. Roeper Review, 12 (3), 181-183, 186-188.
  • Kearney, K. (1999). Gifted children and homeschooling: Historical and contemporary perspectives. In K. Hegeman & S. Cline (Eds.), Gifted education in the 21st century: Issues and concerns. Delray Beach, FL/ New York: Winslow Press.
  • Meador, K., Hunsaker, S., & Kearney, K. (1999). Qualitative research methods for studying creativity. In A. S. Fishkin, B. Cramond, & P. Olszewski-Kubilius (Eds.), Investigating creativity in youth: Research and methods. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.