College of Education



The following list includes core faculty and instructors for the UCCS College of Education.

Katie Anderson-Pence, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Teaching &
Andrea J. Bingham, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorLeadership, Research, and Foundations (LRF)
Linda Button, Ed. D.Instructor, Teaching and Learning(719)
Tim Callahan, M. A.Senior Instructor, Teaching and Learning(719)
Dick Carpenter, Ph. D.Professor of Leadership, Research, and Foundations(719)
Elaine Cheesman, Ph. D.Associate Professor w/Tenure Teaching and
Grant Clayton, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Teaching and
Valerie Martin Conley, Ph.D.Professor,
Beth Cutter, M. A.Senior Instructor, ALP CoordinatorTeaching and
Vanessa Ewing, Ph. D.Instructor, Gifted & Talented Endorsement
David Fenell, Ph. D.Professor, Counseling and Human
Julaine Field, Ph. D.Associate Professor, Coordinator of the Clinical Mental Health TrackDepartment of Counseling and Human Services(719)
Lissanna Follari, Ph.D.Director, Inclusive Early Childhood
Barbara Frye, Ph. D.Associate Dean, Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning(719)
Leslie Grant, Ph. D.Department Chair, Associate Professor, Teaching & Learning(719)
Mary Hanson, M.A.Instructor, Teaching &
Corinne Harmon, Ed. DInstructor, Teaching & Learning(719)
Sarah Kaka, M. A.Director of Teacher Education,Teaching and Learning(719)
Christi Kasa, Ph. D.Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning(719)
Tacy Killingsworth, M.A.Instructor, Leadership, Research, and Foundations (LRF)
Scott Kupferman, Ph.D., CRCAssistant Professor, Teaching and
Mark Malone, Ph. D.Professor, Teaching and Learning(719)
Laura Marshall, M. A.Senior Instructor, Teaching and Learning(719)
Sylvia Mendez, Ph. D.Department Chair, Associate Professor with Tenure, Leadership, Research, and Foundations (LRF)(719)
Mari McGuiness, Ph.D.Senior Instructor, Coordinator of the Human Services Minor, Counseling and Human Services(719)
Pat McGuire, Ph.D.Assistant Professor,Teaching and Learning
Co-Director UCCSTeach Program
Leann Morgan, Ph. D.Assistant Professor, Counseling and Human Services(719)
Lori Notestine, Ph.D.Instructor,Counseling and Human
Al Ramirez, Ph. D.Professor, Leadership, Research, and Foundations(719)
Bita Ashouri Rivas, Ed.D,LPC,NCC,ACSInstructor, Faculty Advisor CSI Counseling and Human
James Saunders, Ed. D.Senior Instructor, Coordinator of AOC Track,Counseling and Human Services(719)
Margaret Scott, Ed. D.Assistant Professor, Leadership, Research and
Dallas Strawn, Ph. D.Senior Instructor, Leadership,Research, and Foundations(719)
Laura Tuthill, Ph. D.Instructor, Gifted & Talented Endorsement
Joseph D. Wehrman, Ph. D.Department Chair, Associate Professor w/Tenure, Counseling and Human Services719
Rhonda Williams, Ed. D.Associate Professor, Coordinator of the School Counseling Track(719)
Marcus Winters, Ph. D.Assistant Professor of Leadership, Research, & Foundations(719)
Patricia Witkowsky, Ph.D.Instructor, SAHE Program Coordinator, Leadership, Research, and Foundations (LRF)
Monica Yoo, Ph.D.Assistant Professor, Teaching and Learning(719)

Staff and Administration

The following list includes core administration and staff employees for the UCCS College of Education.

Patricia AbilaCOE Fiscal
Cindy BrownCOE Technology
Julie JardonAcademic
Peggy LaneyExecutive Assistant to the Dean; HR
Jolene SchaulandFaculty
Cindy ZomchekDirector of Field Experience and Community