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UCCS COE Counseling students win American Counseling Association's National Graduate Student Ethics competition

February 1, 2012

COE Counseling students Beth Brooks, Karen Fiedler, Jayme Waddington, and Katharine Zink have won the American Counseling Association's National Graduate Student Ethics competition at the Master's level. The students' advisor is Dr. Catharine Beecher, senior instructor in the Counseling and Human Services department. The ACA Graduate Student Ethics Case Study Competition is to support the ACA Ethics Committee charge of helping educate the members of the association regarding ethical issues. The case study competition serves as an opportunity to engage graduate students (masters and doctoral level) in critically analyzing a potential ethical case and creating an appropriate ethical decision making  plan to respond to the ethical situation. Specifically, this team clearly identified the ethical dilemma, proposed the action it would take, cited appropriate sections of ACA Codes of Ethical Conduct, clearly defined their steps to decision making and finally presented a paper addressing details of the case with proper citations. These winners, their names and our institution will be published in Counseling Today and posted online. For additional information about this competition and to see the winners listed on the ACA website, visit: to all of you for a job well done!!

Winning Team ACA Ethics Competition 2012