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Dr. Barbara Swaby Has New Children's Book Released

October 1, 2012

Dr. Barbara Swaby has a newly released children's book: "When Will Daddy Be Home?" A synopsis of the book from Authorhouse: A family is a really strong thing. It doesn't break or even crack when something really, really bad happens. That makes me feel really safe. My family will love me forever, no matter what. We can't wait for Daddy to come back home. But we'll all be OK till then. Daddy will be OK too.
When Dr. Swaby was asked what inspired her to write this children’s book she described her research. “According to the NAACP Criminal Justice Fact Sheet 2012, the United States is approximately 5% of the World population, yet it has approximately 25% of world prisoners. When one combines the number of people in prison/jail with those under parole/probation, 1 in every 31 adults or 3.2 % of the population is under some form of “correctional control”. African-American adults are especially at risk. As of 2001, 1 in 6 African-American men have been incarcerated and 1 in 100 African-American women have been in prison. Approximately 2 million American children have at least one parent incarcerated and approximately 10 million children have experienced the incarceration of at least one parent during their childhood.
Dr. Swaby went on to clarify,"The impact of these statistics on the lives of children is staggering. Unfortunately, in the field of children’s books there are precious few books that give these children a voice. Few speak of the realities of incarceration, of the impact of parent incarceration on the family, of the possibility of hope, forgiveness, unconditional love and restoration for all involved. My book, "When Will Daddy Be Home?" was written to begin to bridge that gap. I want children to see themselves in the characters who are broken, emotionally decimated, angry, bewildered, yet have hope, continue to love, try to forgive and face the situation with courage. All children need and deserve to have their voices recognized and their stories told. I trust that my book will take a step toward that goal."

Dr. Barbara Swaby