College of Education

Colorado School Counselor Association

November 1, 2011

Dr. Julaine Field, Megan Morgan, Keely Garren and Erin Barnett, Department of Counseling and Human Services, presented the workshop, “Contributing to Recovery: The Role of School Counselors in Supporting Students Who Have Been Sexually Abused” on Friday, November 11th at the annual conference of the Colorado School Counselor Association in Vail, Colorado.

The workshop description: Sexual abuse is perpetrated against countless school aged children. This highly destructive social and cultural phenomenon violates trust, disrupts social and emotional development, desecrates personal boundaries and alters a child’s ego, self-concept or sense of identity. The role of the school counselor does not permit ongoing therapy in school; however, school counselors are frequently required to provide support to students who have been sexually abused or intervene due to behavioral manifestations exhibited by the child that often stem from the abuse. This workshop will focus on specific theory and research necessary for understanding the impact of sexual abuse on children as well as highlight practical strategies for providing counseling support and effective consultation to parents and teachers on behalf of these students.

Dr. Julaine Field, Megan Morgan, Keely Garren and Erin Barnett