College of Education

State Department of Higher Education Extends COE Grant Another Year

December 1, 2010

Congratulations to John Weathers! The Colorado Department of Higher Education has funded Dr. Weathers's grant, "Uncovering & Addressing Student Misconceptions: Improving Elementary Teachers Formative Assessment Capacity & Mathematics Pedagogical Content Knowledge," for another year.

The grant, in association with Pueblo School District 60, will be collaborated by fellow COE faculty member Patrick McGuire.

From the proposal introduction:

"This project, which is a partnership with mathematics content, mathematics instruction, and formative assessment experts from the University of Colorado and the Colorado School of the Mines, offers a valuable opportunity for elementary teachers in Pueblo to develop the capacity to improve their mathematics pedagogical content knowledge and to learn how to create valid formative assessments that incorporate known student misconceptions and apply the data from these to improving student learning. This project builds upon a previously funded project to address similar needs for secondary math and science teachers, and will work to improve teacher formative assessment capacity and related foundational mathematics pedagogical content knowledge for elementary teachers by using the best professional development tools, instructional strategies, and research around mathematics instruction currently available."