College of Education

Counseling Department Assistant Professor Discusses Bullying/stabbing of Local Boy

September 1, 2010

Dr. Rhonda Williams was interviewed with the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph September 8, 2010. 
During her interview she discussed the stabbing of a local boy by a fellow classmate in the throat.

Dr. Williams said there is often a "code of silence" amongst kids because they fear being known as a "narc." 
Children can be reluctant to talk to adults, though, for several reasons, ranging from a fear of bullying from peers who find out they "told" to simple immaturity, she said.

"Kids try real hard to solve their own problems thinking they've got the skills to do that and they really don't," Williams said.

She stated that parents should emphasize to their children that if they think something bad can happen, they should tell somebody and that keeping it secret isn't an option because that puts somebody's life in danger.