College of Education


Fall 2014

December 24, 2014Wanted Classroom Video Observation Evaluators for Student-Teachers as part of Student Teaching Effectiveness Project (STEP) Pilot
December 10, 20141st Year SAHE Student Receives Award
December 3, 2014Dr. Morgan Dissertation Published in the Professional Counselor
September 26, 2014School Counseling MA Candidate Receives Scholarship
September 19, 2014Dr. Strawn Hall of Fame
September 17, 2014IRB Workshop
September 10, 2014Dr.'s Al Ramirez, Dick Carpenter and Ph.D. Student Publication

Summer 2014

July 28, 2014Dr. Scott Kupferman Receives Award
June 25, 2014Dr. Lissanna Follari Has New Book Coming Out
"Valuing Diversity in Early Childhood" presents a social justice perspective on developing early childhood professionals' cultural competence and ability to engage children in exploring and appreciating diversity.
June 17, 2014NCATE Visit 3rd Party Testimony Invitation

Spring 2014

May 9, 2014Dr. Scott Kupferman Communication Device and Software Developments
Dr. Scott Kupferman of the Special Education Department has been very active since his employment with the College of Education's Special Education Department as an Assistant Professor, January 2014.
March 14, 2014Associate Professor Participates in Televised Interview
Dr. Rhonda Williams, Associate Professor in the School Counseling program in the Counseling and Human Services Department, participated in a televised interview with the Al Jazeera Network via SKYPE Friday, 14 March, 5:30 MST.
February 12, 2014Kaiser Permanente's Thriving Schools Initiative Grant
Dr. Julaine Field and Dr. Dick Carpenter will serve as evaluators for Kaiser Permanente's Thriving Schools Initiative


September 4, 2013COE Student Resource Office Open House
Welcome College of Education Students to the Fall - 2013 Semester! We’d like to invite you to stop by the College of Education, Student Resource Office during our Open House 4 September, 2013.
September 3, 2013COE Alumnus Highlight Andrew Franko
Andrew (Andy) Franko graduated in 2008 from the University of Colorado – Colorado Springs with a MA in Curriculum and Instruction. Upon completing his College of Education's leadership course work and obtaining a principal’s license, he began his administrative career in 2008 as an Assistant Principal and Athletic Director at Falcon High School.
September 2, 2013Department of Leadership, Research and Foundations Hosting Seminar Series
This year, the Department of Leadership, Research and Foundations will begin hosting a seminar series featuring research on education and educational policy from notable scholars across the nation. All faculty and students are welcome to attend.
September 1, 2013SAHE Grad Student Receives Rising Star Award
Congratulations to graduate student, Kayleen St. Louis, of Student Affairs Higher Education. Ms. St. Louis is the recipient of the 2013 NASPA IV-West Colorado Rising Star Graduate Student Award.

News 2012

December 1, 2012SAHE Student Sarah Elsey Encourages Alternative Spring Break Program
November 1, 2012CHS Students and Faculty to Receive CSI Chapter Grant Award
November 1, 2012Service-Learning Opportunities Available for Faculty and Students
October 1, 2012Dr. Barbara Swaby Has New Children's Book Released
October 1, 2012Dr. Al Ramirez Book Released This November
October 1, 2012Dr. Patrick McGuire's Five-Frame Research Highlighted Fall 2012 UCCS Research Innovations
October 1, 20122012 Graduate Student Institute Space Available
October 1, 2012Special Education Faculty Have Manuscripts Published
September 1, 2012Colonel Gary A. Packard, Jr., Ph.D. to Speak on Don't Ask, Don't Tell
September 1, 2012Unique Opportunity for Graduate Members of NASPA
September 1, 2012Assistant Professors Dissertation Highlighted
September 1, 2012Assistant Professor and Ph.D. Students Receive Grant Award
July 1, 2012College of Education Opens New Student Resource Office
July 1, 2012Dr. Dallas Strawn Receives Colbert Cushing Award
June 1, 2012COE Welcomes New Director of Field Experience and Community Outreach
June 1, 2012Leadership, Research and Foundations Student Receives Award
May 1, 2012Spring 2012 SAHE Student & UCCS Employee Graduating
May 1, 2012UCCS Employee Graduating from SAHE Program
May 1, 2012Dr. Rhonda Williams Discusses Bullying and the Smart Girl Program
April 1, 2012Dr. Rhonda Williams Named Counselor of the Year
April 1, 2012High Comp Scores for Counseling & Human Services Students
March 1, 2012SAHE Alumni Get Leadership Article Published
March 1, 2012College of Education Faculty Presenting at AERA April 2012
February 1, 2012Counseling Department Search for Assistant Professor
February 1, 2012UCCS COE Counseling students win American Counseling Association's National Graduate Student Ethics competition
February 1, 2012February 2012 Dr. David L. Fenell Fourth Edition Book Released
January 1, 2012Dr. Marcus Winters Book Teachers Matter Released
January 1, 2012Teacher Job Fairs Colorado-Wyoming
January 1, 2012Monica Yoo Receives Diversity and Excellence Grant
January 1, 2012College of Education's Intensive English Program Growing

News 2011

November 1, 2011Students of the Institute Catholique d'Études Supérieures (ICES) coming to UCCS Spring 2012
November 1, 2011Counseling Student awarded Carol Hacker Memorial Scholar Title
November 1, 2011Dr. Marcus Winters Study finds Few Links Between Teacher Characteristics and Performance
November 1, 2011Colorado School Counselor Association
November 1, 2011Special Education Assistant Professor Publishes Reading Intervention Study
November 1, 2011Dr. Barbara Swaby interviewed on KXRM Reading for L.I.F.E. Program
September 1, 2011September 2011
August 1, 2011Student Affairs in Higher Education Student Highlights
August 1, 2011Counseling and Human Services Department Welcomes New Senior Instructor
July 1, 2011College of Education Welcomes New Dean
July 1, 2011Office of Global Programs Team Headed to Korea
July 1, 2011Office of Global Programs welcomes 1st Daegu English Village Summer Camp
July 1, 2011Dr. Julaine Field presents in Kenya
May 1, 2011CHS Professors Return from Counselor Training Program in Pacific
May 1, 2011Dr. Joe Wehrman, Counseling & Human Services elected Secretary of NBCC Board
April 1, 2011LRF Faculty to Present at 2011 AERA Meeting in New Orleans
April 1, 2011CU System Diversity Grant Acquired with Additional Money from Coleman Institute
April 1, 2011Summer Reading Clinic with Dr. Barbara Swaby Offered in Summer 2011
April 1, 2011Looking for Teachers and Volunteers for 4-week English Immersion Summer Camp
April 1, 2011Leadership Student Takes 1st Place in Award at 2011 Annual 2011 AERA Meeting
March 1, 2011LRF Faculty and Ph.D. Candidates to Present at CASE Conference
March 1, 2011COE Faculty to Present at CU Women Succeeding 8th Annual Faculty Development Symposium
March 1, 2011SPED Chair Reelected to Board of Directors for APBS; Will Present at Conference
March 1, 20112011 CASPA Teacher Job Fair
March 1, 2011SPED and LRF Team up to Present at APBS Conference
March 1, 2011LRF Faculty to Present at ACPA Conference
March 1, 2011Office of Global Programs is looking for instructors and volunteers for an English Immersion Summer Camp
March 1, 2011Counseling Student Lynsey Yoder receives NBCC Foundation Scholarship
January 1, 2011SPED Faculty, Graduates, Others to Present at 2011 CEC Courage to Risk Conference

News 2010

June 1, 2014COE Appoints New Interim Dean
December 1, 2010Intensive English Program to be Launched
December 1, 2010State Department of Higher Education Extends COE Grant Another Year
December 1, 2010Counseling Associate Professor to Present at Kids Count Conference
December 1, 2010SPED Chair Appointed to Board of Editors for Major Journal
November 1, 2010COE celebrates 20th anniversary of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) in a special edition of Praxis
November 1, 2010COE Faculty to Speak at Annual TASH Conference for Disabled Students
October 1, 2010LRF Doctoral Students to be Published in Major Publication
September 1, 2010Swaby Endowed Professorship Reaches Goal of Half-Million Dollars
September 1, 2010COE, LAS Partner Up in New UCCS Teach Program
September 1, 2010Counseling Department Assistant Professor Discusses Bullying/stabbing of Local Boy
July 1, 2010COE Faculty & Staff Recipients of Campus Awards
May 1, 2010OGE Forms New Partnership with Milo Kindergarten
May 1, 2010Save the Date: NAME's 20th Annual Conference
April 1, 2010COE to Debut Youth University in Summer
March 1, 2010Special Education Assists in UCCS Break Time for Parents
February 1, 2010COE Faculty Member Receives Large AERA Grant
January 1, 20102010 SuperSaturday to Provide Exciting Educational Weekend for Grades 1 - 6

News 2009

December 1, 2009Counseling and Human Services Offering Adventure in Education Course
October 1, 2009National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)
October 1, 2009COE Counseling Students Pass National Test at 98 Percent; Programs Reaccredited
October 1, 2009COE Counseling Faculty Present at National ACES Conferences
September 1, 2009Education Faculty and Staff Selected for Research Grants
August 1, 2009COE Associate Dean Receives $1.5 Million Grant from DOE
July 1, 2009COE Counselor Appointed to National Counseling Board
July 1, 2009Seminar: Race and Membership in American History: The Eugenics Movement
July 1, 2009Mexican Scholars Learn ESL Skills at UCCS
June 1, 2009The Knapsack Institute: Transforming the Curriculum at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
May 1, 2009COE Student Teacher, Faculty Published in Black History Bulletin
April 1, 2009COE Adventure in Education Course Available for Spring 2009!
April 1, 2009COE to Present Research at AERA Meeting
April 1, 2009STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Grant
March 1, 2009College of Education Job Fair Coming Soon!
March 1, 20092009 U.S. - Korea Foreign Relations Forum
March 1, 2009UCCS, Harrison Partner Up in Teacher Recruitment
March 1, 2009Dean Neal Keynote Speaker at Aurora Education Forum
February 1, 2009Daughter of Civil Rights Pioneer to Speak at UCCS
January 1, 2009Educating Children of Color
January 1, 2009COE Student Teachers Head to Daegu, South Korea
November 1, 2008LR&F Offering Two New Cognate Areas to Leadership in Education Degree

News 2008

November 13, 2008UCCS Graduate School Open House
November 1, 2008COE Receives NCATE's Highest Level of Accreditation
October 24, 2008Co TESOL 2008 Welcoming the World
October 1, 2008Free Webinar on Military Mental Health by ACA/APA
October 1, 2008COE Faculty Member Receives Educator of the Year; COE Student Receives Scholarship
September 11, 20082008-2009 Quality and Excellence Community Learning Series
August 1, 2008Galileo Project to Begin
July 1, 2008UCCS to Host EduStat University
July 1, 2008Dr. Cheesman Recipient of Prestigious Award
July 1, 2008Catherine Kelly Helps Gazette Reporters with Kindergarten Preparation
March 1, 20082008 AREA Annual Meeting & Exhibition in New York City

News 2007

November 12, 2007Daegu English Village Grand Opening
November 1, 2007Randall L. De Pry re-elected to serve as member of APBS Board of Directors
November 1, 2007College of Education receives 2007 Community Service Award
November 1, 2007Dr. Lindy Crawford appointed to Professional Advisory Board of the National Center for Learning Disabilities
October 1, 2007Dr. Barbara Swaby Endowed Professorship - Fundraising Campaign
October 1, 2007Daegu English Village Set to Open
October 1, 2007Dr. La Vonne I. Neal, Dean of the College of Education, presented an all-day "Teachers' Workshop on Culturally Responsive Teaching"
October 1, 2007Dr. La Vonne I. Neal, Dean of the College of Education, presented a keynote address at the George C. Marshall JROTC Leadership Symposium
September 1, 2007Dr. La Vonne I. Neal, Dean of the College of Education, presented a keynote address at the Colorado ACT Annual Conference.
July 1, 2007Drs. Cheesman, Crawford, and De Pry published in the Encyclopedia of Special Education
July 1, 2007Dr. Lindy Crawford presenting to the Senate Democratic Steering Committee in Washington D.C. on July 13
July 1, 2007Randall L. De Pry presenting at the 3rd Annual Colorado Positive Behavior Support Symposium
April 1, 2007Rhonda Williams and Clint Fisher receive WPC-FMAC faculty grants
April 1, 2007Dr. Crawford, Dr. Carpenter and Dr. Bryant chosen to present at the AERA Annual Conference
April 1, 2007College of Education receives 2007 President's Diversity Award
April 1, 2007Grants to attend the White Privilege Conference awarded
April 1, 2007Congratulations to Debbie E. Lapioli
April 1, 2007Gabriel Ortega, MA from UCCS, elected to the Fountain City Council.
April 1, 2007Dr. Kyla Hammond to participate in 69th National Leadership Forum for Women in Higher Education
April 1, 2007Dr. La Vonne I. Neal, College of Education Dean, receives "Gateway to Opportunity Award"
April 1, 2007Daegu English Village in South Korea
March 1, 2007United States Air Force Academy Cadet National Prayer Event keynote address given by La Vonne I. Neal
February 1, 2007Drs. Randall De Pry and Gerry Olvey appointed to PLACE Content Advisory Committee
February 1, 2007La Vonne I. Neal a keynote speaker at the "Colorado Trailblazer Schools to Watch" Annual Conference
February 1, 2007La Vonne I. Neal gives keynote address at UCCS
January 1, 2007Welcome back Dr. Fennel!
January 1, 2007Dr. Rhonda Williams named recipient of the annual UCCS Community Service Award