College of Education


Looking for an opportunity to teach at the University?

If you have an idea for a graduate level course and you have the appropriate background and experience to teach the course, we would love to hear from you!

Teaching opportunities in Extended Studies are only limited by your creativity and the needs of the audience who would be interested in what you would like to teach. There are several ways you can think about teaching with the College of Education Extended Studies program.

Online Teaching

Teaching over the Internet is rapidly becoming a new and innovative way to assist teachers all over the world. If you are an expert in a particular area and have skills that very few others have, this may be an ideal opportunity. Developing courses is one avenue. Teaching online courses is another. It may be possible to do both.

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Contract Courses

Contract courses are offered as a way for students to receive graduate credit when an instructor has his / her own audience. An example is a special course offered by a qualified instructor in one of the school districts. The school district contacts this office, and prepares the necessary paperwork for approval of the instructor and course. Once the approval is granted, the course may be offered by the instructor at the school district location. Enrollments for these courses are generally closed to the general public.

Contact Campus Wide Extended Studies for information.