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About Teaching English as a Second Language/Foreign Language

This dynamic 12-semester hour program is designed especially for educators, paraprofessionals and pre-service teachers who have English Language Learners (ELLs) in their classrooms or plan on teaching overseas. This program is designed to assist all to know how to better serve those students. Educators working with individual, small groups or whole classes of ELL's will benefit from this program. Courses are available in a full 16 week semester spring and fall and 8 week for the summer semester.


The 12-credit TESL/TEFL Certificate program is offered only online:


Course #
Course DescriptionSemester Credits
CURR 5701 - Materials & Methods in ESL/Multicultural Education Provides an in-depth study of curriculum options available for the bilingual/ESL classroom. Presents, reviews and critiques specific methods and strategies for teaching language minority students, as well as comparative methods of learning L1 and L2. Emphasizes methods for implementing cooperative leaning strategies among students, developing accommodation strategies for English Language Learners (ELLs) in content areas, and teaming with other professionals in the building to optimize instruction in the field. Gives students the opportunity to develop and present teaching units using ESL methodology as appropriate in classrooms. 3
CURR 5703 - Methods, Materials, & Theories of Assessment for ELL's Prepares teachers to assess and evaluate English as a second language students in a field-based setting. Includes particular assessment instruments, mediation strategies and materials, and formal and informal diagnostic strategies. Covers both theoretical and applied aspects of assessing language learning and teaching. 3
CURR 5705 - Capstone: Second Language Acquisition Presents a broad survey of second language acquisition research. Stresses theoretical concerns and research findings and practical applications to teaching second languages. Gives emphasis to applied second language acquisition, cultural awareness, and social and economic factors that contribute to ELLs' success in schools. 3
CURR 5713 - Language & Linguistics This is a core course that provides an introduction to the study of language and linguistics, designed for teachers of culturally and linguistically diverse students. The course includes an overview of the components of language: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. The course also includes discussion of how language is shaped by its users, covering topics such as language registers, dialects, and varieties. Throughout the course, students will explore the pedagogical implications of these fundamental components of language for teaching English Language Learners. 3

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