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Students may complete the listed courses entirely online or combine on-campus and online classes at their convenience.

The on-campus and online schedules differ. Scroll to the bottom for current course schedules.

Students who enroll in courses at the 5000 level MUST apply to the Graduate School in order to enroll in these program courses.

Endorsement in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education Only (24 credits)

Course #
Course DescriptionSemester Credits

CURR 5700 - Introduction to Linguistically Diverse/Multicultural Education

Provides comprehensive survey of Linguistically Diverse and multicultural education programs. Includes history and legislation of bilingual/linguistically diverse education, instructional models, philosophies, theories of bilingual/linguistically diverse education, the culture of linguistically diverse classroom, instructional strategies and important considerations for teaching the limited English proficient student.

CURR 5701 - Materials and Methods in LDE/Multicultural Education Provides an in-depth study of curriculum options available for the LDE classroom. Presents, reviews and critiques specific methods and strategies for teaching language minority students. Emphasizes methods for implementing cooperative learning strategies among students. 3
CURR 5702 - Literacy for Linguistically Different Learners Presents current and emerging philosophies and methods on teaching reading to culturally diverse second language learners. Includes review of materials, strategies for teaching reading and writing skills and important considerations for transference from L1 to L2 reading, and field based assignments. 3
CURR 5703 - Methods, Materials, & Theories of Assessment for ELL's Prepares teachers to assess and evaluate LDE students in a field-based setting. Includes particular assessment instruments, mediation strategies and materials, and formal and informal diagnostic strategies. Covers both theoretical and applied aspects of assessing language learning and teaching. 3
CURR 5704 - Practicum in ESL/Multicultural Education

A field-based, standards-based course that provides at least 150 hours of site-based work in addition to in-school work. Students must have a classroom to implement the field based work. CURR 5700 Intro to LDE/Multicultural Education required.

CURR 5705 - Second Language Acquisition: Capstone

Presents broad survey of a second language acquisition research. Stresses theoretical concerns, research findings, practical applications to teaching second languages. Gives emphasis to applied second language acquisition, cultural awareness, social and economic factors that contribute to ELL’s success in schools.  CURR 5700 Intro to LDE/Multicultural Education required.

CURR 5707 - Pro-Seminar: Parent and Community Involvement

Focuses on models and strategies for improving parent and community involvement in the schools. Discusses administrative concerns, such as parent advisory councils, instructional concerns, such as helping children with school assignments, and family literacy issues and programs. Field-based assignments are required. No Prerequisites.

CURR 5713 - Language and Linguistics This is a core course that provides an introduction to the study of language and linguistics, designed for teachers of culturally and linguistically diverse students. The course includes an overview of the components of language: phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics. The course also includes discussion of how language is shaped by its users, covering topics such as language registers, dialects, and varieties. Throughout the course, students will explore the pedagogical implications of these fundamental components of language for teaching English Language Learners. 3

CLD Endorsement + MA Degree (6 additional credits)

In-service teachers wishing to complete an Endorsement in Culturally Linguistically Different Education at the Elementary Level and receive a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages will have to take the following courses in addition to those listed above in order to complete the degree. Each course builds on the next so you must take them in the order as they are listed.

Course #
Course DescriptionSemester Credits
LEAD 5700 - Introduction to Research and Statistics

Introduces measures of central tendency, variability, percentiles, standard scores and correlation. Basic concepts in statistical inference are covered. Evaluating and using research. Design and analysis of educational research, and completion of a minor research project.

CURR 5090 - Research Project (online only)

Students complete a field-based research project. The prerequisite for this course is LEAD 5700 required.


Course Schedule

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Below you will find answers to common questions for the CLDE (formerly ESL) Program. If you have further questions please contact us at:


Q: Do you offer English classes in the CLDE program?

A: No, this program is to teach educators the theory and methods of how to teach English language learners. The UCCS Office of International Affairs (OIA)now offers an

Intensive English Program that teaches English to English Language Learners.

Q: Do I have to speak Spanish or any other language to take these courses?

A: No, as an CLDE teacher you do not have to speak any other language other than English. There is no language requirement as English Language Learners (ELLS) come in all languages.

Q: What are there different programs?

A: There are 3 different programs/strands for the Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education Program:

  • Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL Certificate) - 12 credits
  • Graduate level Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education Endorsement - 24 credits
  • Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (MA TESOL)- 30 credits

Q: Are there classes in the summer?

A: Yes there are CLDE program courses and the research courses for the CLDE Education Program will be available on campus in the summer months.

Q: How long does it take to complete the 8 course CLDE endorsement program?

A: Depending on your professional work load you may take 1 course per semester and take 7 semesters or 3.5 years to complete the program. You can accelerate the program by taking more than one course per semester.

Q: What is the cost of the courses?

A: Onsite Cost: Each course is billed at the current credit hour rate of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs plus applicable university fees.

B. Online Cost Colorado Springs Residential: Each course is billed at the current credit hour rate of University of Colorado at Colorado Springs plus applicable university fees.

C. Online out of state students: Each course is billed at $545.00 per credit hour plus a $100.00 technology fee . Online tuition rates are always subject to change.

Q: Can I transfer credits?

A: You may transfer up to 9 graduate credits from graded university (not pass/fail) courses that have the same or nearly similar requirements and course work from other Universities. All transfer credits are reviewed and approved by the faculty advisor. Credits must be under 5 years old and received with a passing grade. (no pass or fails)

Q: Is there financial aid?

A: Please call our financial aid office to learn about financial aid opportunities. You may also visit our financial aid information link by going to the Financial Aid Info page.


Q: Who can take the CLDE program, who is this program for?

A: The CLDE endorsement program was originally designed for in-service teachers who want to work towards an Endorsement Teaching Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Education. We have expanded the program to accommodate individuals who are seeking a 12 credit TESL/TEFL certificate for domestic and international teaching. Anyone with interest in teaching CLDE may take our courses.

Q: Can I transfer from onsite to online or vice versa?

A: Yes, the courses in either format are the same. You choose the format that best suits your needs and learning preferences.

Q: When are courses offered?

A: There are courses offered every semester. Please visit the CLDE courses page to see what and when the courses are offered.

Q: Can I take more than one course in a semester?

A: That depends on two things. First, is your ability to handle rigorous and challenging university courses. Second, you may take more than one course as long as you have met the prerequisites for those for which you are registering.

Q: How do I register?

A: Students may register through the UCCS Student Portal if they have a student ID number for either campus or online courses.

For course registration information please call Cindy Brown at the College of Education 719-255-4344.

Q: Can I take the Teacher Education Licensure Program (TELP) and CLDE courses at the same time?

A: Yes, but that really depends on you. Both programs are rigorous and demanding, in terms of time and effort.

Q: How does my CLDE Endorsement apply to other schools throughout the nation?

A: At the end of your program you must take and pass either the PLACE or the PRAXIS exam. It is a nationally recognized exam. Anyone completing the 8 courses for endorsement must take one or the other exam.