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General Information

This certificate prepares teachers at all levels to use technology to enhance their teaching methodologies and reach the next generation of learners, who expect to learn using technology. The program consists of 12 credit hours, all of which are offered online. All courses are offered in a convenient online format and will transfer into our Online Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Lesson planning
  • How to evaluate web-based educational resources
  • How to incorporate the internet into the K-12 curriculum
  • How to design lessons involving web-based resources
  • How to develop interactive multimedia lessons

Required Coursework

Course #
Course DescriptionSemester Credits
CURR 5170 - Introduction to Technology Education

This course emphasizes lesson planning, assessment, and hands-on computer activities. Readings, technology based activities, assignments and discussions are designed to develop a broad professional knowledge base on teaching and learning with technology across the K-12 curriculum.

CURR 5171 - K-12 Web-Based Educational Resources Students will read current literature involving using the Internet in the K-12 curriculum as well as evaluate various web-based educational resources to use in educational settings. Students will design and develop several lessons / units involving web-based resources in this hands-on class. 3
CURR 5172 - Multimedia Development for K-12 Educators This course is designed for educators who want to develop interactive multimedia technology through the hands-on approach. The course provides students with an overview of multimedia / hypermedia technology, devoted primarily to interactive, collaborative, multi-disciplinary and student-centered hands-on activities. 3
CURR 5120 - Instructional Technology Project Students will be required to design and implement a project involving the practical application of the principles and techniques addressed by the degree program. Details will be arranged through the student's advisor. Projects based on activities in the field is encouraged. 3

Program Costs

The online cost structure is designed to be as affordable as the campus-based program. Online students can complete work from home at their convenience and are therefore not burdened by the added costs of gasoline, parking fees, babysitters, or meals when attending a traditional campus to complete coursework. Not included are costs for course materials (i.e., texts or course packets). For Online Colorado residents the tuition information can be located at the following link-it may be subject to each semester but this should give you an idea of how much each course would cost.  There would also be applicable fees and books required for the course/s.  The link is:

For Online students who are NOT Colorado residents the tuition rate is currently $545.00 per credit hour plus the extended studies technology fee of $100.00 per course and is subject to change each semester. You will need to purchase the books required for the curriculum.

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