College of Education

Online Gifted and Talented Endorsement and MA Program

The fully Online UCCS Gifted and Talented program is now endorsed by the Colorado State Department of Education!  Click on the approved educator prep link to view information.

General Information

This 26 credit-hour endorsement prepares teachers at all levels to enhance their teaching methodologies in Gifted & Talented education. The Endorsement will require 3 credit hours of practicum work.

Optionally, these courses may be applied to a 32-credit-hour General Master of Arts Degree in Curriculum & Instruction.

All courses are offered in a convenient online format.

Students may apply for the program and enroll on a rolling basis and begin classes in the semester following acceptance.

Upon completion of the endorsement and practicum credits,students are required to pass the approved PLACE exam prior to licensing.

Open Enrollment Courses

The three open enrollment recertification courses listed in the second table are not required for this endorsement and do not require application to the graduate school in order to enroll. The courses are designed to meet specific needs of some GT educators. These courses may be taken in lieu of some required GT courses based on departmental approval.


The final course is a 6-week, 40-hour practicum totaling 3 two-week modules. The first 2-week module of the course will include group discussions of the readings and the development and review of your mini-course. The last 2-week module of this course includes a supervised teaching experience with gifted and talented students as a base site or an alternative approved by the instructor.

The practicum is now required since the program has received endorsement approval from the CDE.

Application Requirements

  • Must hold current teaching licensure
  • Must apply to the UCCS Graduate School see the GT Admissions tab


Required Courses for Gifted and Talented Endorsement

Course #
Course DescriptionSemester CreditsSemesters Offered
CURR 5201 - Foundations of Gifted Education This introductory course provides the foundation necessary for future courses and the framework needed to understand gifted and talented learners. Included in this course will be: a historical survey of the field, definitions, basic terminology, theories of giftedness, models, and characteristics of the gifted and talented. The ability to apply this knowledge to plan for the academic achievement and learning-related affective development of these diverse students will also be emphasized. 3 Spring, Summer, Fall
CURR 5202 - The Assessment & Identification of Gifted & Talented Students This course explores the rationale of using multiple criteria and information from a variety of sources to identify gifted students and to assess their needs. The selection and utilization of appropriate instruments and methods applicable to a wide range of student profiles (culturally and ethnically diverse, linguistically different, and economically disadvantaged) will be elaborated upon as will the use of relevant data to diagnose individual educational needs. 4 Fall
CURR 5203 - The Psychology of the Gifted: Social & Emotional Needs & Special Populations In this course, students will explore current research, psychological theory and practical counseling techniques relevant to the social and emotional components of giftedness. Special topics include perfectionism, gender issues, motivation, underachievement, and diverse populations; i.e., bilingual, handicapped, disadvantaged, highly gifted. The ability to evaluate the need for specialized support services to assist with meeting the unique needs of these learners will also be addressed. 4 Spring
CURR 5206 - Creativity in Gifted Education This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of 1) definitions and theories
of creativity, 2) the relation of intelligence, creativity, and nonintellective factors with the constructs of giftedness, 3) research on cognition and creativity, 4) environmental support of the creative process, and 5) assessment of and programming for creative children.
3 Spring
CURR 5211 - Curriculum Models and Aligned Programming for Gifted Students This course provides the foundation for the development of differentiated curricula for gifted students. Methods, materials, and significant curriculum models are reviewed and/or introduced. Other topics include effective teaching strategies for gifted students, adapting curriculum for individual differences, acceleration, the organization of curriculum for the gifted (scope and sequence; the issues related to integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum), teaching higher level cognitive skills, creative thinking, project and problem-based learning, critical thinking, logical thinking, and decision making. 3 Fall
CURR 5214 - Differentiated Instruction and Research-based Strategies for Teaching the Gifted This course focuses on strategies for teaching gifted and talented learners. Instructional decision-making based on the educational characteristics (learner profile) and subsequent modification within the classroom environment will be the emphasis. Research-based instructional strategies for gifted and talented learners will be explored in addition to classroom-based differentiated instruction; individualization; flexible grouping strategies; dialogue and questioning strategies; enrichment, and instructional responsiveness to the affective needs of gifted learners. 3 Fall
CURR 5215 - Gifted Program Leadership The major purpose of this course is to examine the theoretical and practical aspects of instructional programs for gifted and talented students at the district and building levels. This course will develop skills and strategies for working collaboratively with students, parents, guardians, classroom teachers and administrators in the development, design and implementation of programs and services. Students will develop the ability to evaluate various program options and instructional strategies for their effect on student learning and achievement. 3 Spring
CURR 5230 - Practicum This course aims at giving the students chance to work and practice what they have learned in gifted education courses. Students are expected to develop and implement a proposal outlining the intended field experience and will meet regularly with a faculty member to develop and enhance skills in teaching the gifted. 3 Summer

Open Enrollment Recertification Courses *Note-these courses are NOT required for endorsement

Course #
Course DescriptionSemester CreditsSemesters Offered
CURR 5204 - Under-identified & Under-served: Giftedness in Poverty and Culturally Diverse Backgrounds The goal of this course is to 1) increase the identification of gifted learners from poverty and culturally diverse backgrounds, 2) increase teachers awareness of cultural and social nuances of giftedness in poverty and culturally diverse groups, 3) equip teachers with the tools to create, modify and deliver gifted programs and services to this group of gifted students, and 4) engage and retain students with these characteristics in gifted programs. 2 Fall
CURR 5205 - Early Childhood Gifted Education This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of 1) characteristics and needs of young gifted children, 2) environmental conditions and instructional strategies that support young gifted children,  3) programming for young gifted children, 4) early childhood assessment tools, and 5) current issues in early childhood gifted education. 1 Spring
CURR 5207 - Under-identified & Under-served: Gifted Girls This course is designed to 1) increase identification of gifted girls, 2) equip the teacher with skills to develop and improve services for this under represented population in gifted programs, and 3) equip the teacher to become an advocate for gifted girls with parents, educators and administrators. 2