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The UCCS BI in Inclusive Early Childhood Education has just received full state approval to qualify graduates for the Colorado Department of Education/Department of Human Services Child Care Center Director Qualification! The BI:IECE now earns graduates THREE state credentials: ECE teaching licensure, ECSE teaching licensure, Child Care Center Director Qualification


This new and innovative program is designed to prepare UCCS students to teach all children in early childhood settings. UCCS students in this program will become  part of a newly emerging field of professionals in inclusive early childhood education who are called on to innovate in the area of curriculum development, individual learning supports, and technology.

Inclusive early childhood educators may have the opportunity to teach, run their own business, or invent, design, and market curriculum, technology, and applications. Inclusive early childhood educators will have preparation in the areas of innovation, business, and marketing and be able to take ideas developed while working with children and enhance them through business planning and implementation. A Bachelor of Innovation will prepare students to take advantage of the many opportunities that they will encounter throughout their careers.

The Bachelor of Innovation in Inclusive Early Childhood Education (BI:IECE) will combine both teacher preparation in Early Childhood Special Education (CDE license 9.08) and Early Childhood Education (CDE license 8.01) through a four-year, interdisciplinary professional degree.  The term 'professional degree' applies to this program because it meets the professional teaching standards established by the Colorado Department of Education for programs in early childhood and special education. The undergraduate program is design to meet a growing need in Southern Colorado for qualified education of young children, including those with disabilities or who are considered at risk and in need of early intervention.

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Planning Forms

BI: IECE Planning Form

Post Baccalaureate Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Students wishing to earn teaching licensure in Early Childhood Education and Early Childhood Special Education can take the licensure portion post baccalaureate. The student would earn the licenses offered, but no degree would be awarded.

BI: IECE Post Baccalaureate Planning Form

Advising Sessions

Your first step is to attend a group advising session. See link below.

After attending a group advising session, students should make an appointment with a Student Success Center Education Advisor:
Bill Bannister
  Education (719) 255-3069  

Application Timeline

Rolling admission

How to Apply for the Bachelor of Innovation in Inclusive Early Childhood Education (BI:IECE)

Students seeking their BI:IECE will have two applications to complete during their time as a student at UCCS.

  1. The first application is to the university.
  2. The second application is to the professional program.

How to apply to the university:

  1. Students new to UCCS should submit this application students will need to declare their major by choosing: Inclusive Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Innovation

How to apply to the professional program:

Students should complete this application during their sophomore year, but must complete the application prior to starting Block One.

  1. Attain a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, including any transfer courses.
  2. Fill out and submit the BI:IECE application along with your $50.00 application fee to the Student Resource Office, Columbine 3010.
  3. Complete a background/finger print check for admission. Information below.

The Student Resource Office will notify you of admission status. If you have any questions please contact the Student Resource Office at Columbine Hall room 3010, phone: 719-255-4996,,

General Background Check for Admission

All College of Education applicants must complete a general background check as part of the admissions requirements:

1) Go to website:

2) Click on “Individuals”

3) Pay $6.85

4) Print a copy of the background check and return it to the College of Education Student Resource Office as part of admissions materials (current CO School or agency employees who have already completed a background check for employment may provide a copy of their CO license or background check results).

Fingerprint Check for Fieldwork

College of Education students who will complete a field experience as part of their degree program must submit fingerprint cards to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in order to be appropriately screened before entering schools or agencies as a fieldwork student. Students who have completed a background check utilizing fingerprints for employment (and can provide proof) do not have to repeat this process as part of their fieldwork requirements. In some cases, an educator who held a license prior to 2004 will not have fingerprints on file. Under current law these educators will be required to complete the fingerprint requirement when submitting an application.

>>Fingerprint Process for Fieldwork PDF

Exam Requirements

Exam Requirements: In order to receive an initial license or added endorsement students will need to complete the following exams:

  • PLACE Early Childhood Education
  • PLACE Early Childhood Special Education

For more information students should visit: Students should take the exams during Block 1 (spring semester). Students must pass both exams prior to entering student teaching.