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The Ph.D. program is designed to meet the personal and professional needs of educational leaders in school districts, higher education, and non-governmental organizations through rigorous courses in leadership, research and policy. Although this program is offered in the College of Education, it attracts candidates from various career fields such as the military, non-profit organizations, business, state agencies, the ministry, and P-20 education. This innovative program combines challenging coursework with collaborative faculty-students research labs that prepare students for successful completion of the dissertation and professional application of skills and knowledge.

As an active participant in these programs you will develop as a leader through an expanded self- knowledge and world-view. You will develop the competencies and strategies to lead others. You will learn how to guide a professional team as you integrate recommendations from research with an assessment of the needs of an organization and create a plan for success. You will explore the political and social implications of education and the educational requirements of a diverse, democratic, multicultural society. You will acquire the confidence necessary to ignite and inspire others.

Warren Bennis has written that the primary goal of leadership is the creation of a human community held together by a common purpose. True leaders, he said, demonstrate a balance of competence, virtue, and vision. It is our mission to guide you in developing all three.

Student Handbook

Early admission priority deadline January 15; Final deadline March 15

Selection of a university and a doctoral program of study is an important decision. Therefore, prospective students are encouraged to meet and consult with a departmental faculty advisor prior to the application process. Students should schedule an appointment to discuss career goals and special circumstances with a member of the faculty by calling
719‐255‐4996 or

To be considered for admission to the Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Research & Policy cohort program, prospective students must complete the following procedures:

Application Process

Application for admission to the Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Research & Policy program begins with completion of the online Graduate application found at:  The online application and all additional materials mentioned below must be completed and uploaded into your application. The early admission priority deadline is January 15; the final deadline is March 15 to be considered for the Ph.D. cohort the following fall.

1) Within the online application, you will need to:

    • Pay the $60.00 application fee, International student application fee is $100.00
    • Upload your career goal statement(as described below)
    • Upload your curriculum vitae or professional résumé
    • Complete and upload the Tuition Classification form
    • List the name, title/organization, and email of three references in the spaces provided in the online application (they will be emailed the Ph.D. recommendation forms/instructions). One reference should be a former instructor, one should be a current supervisor, and one should be a professional colleague. These individuals should be in a position to give feedback regarding your ability to be successful in a doctoral program. *Please do not use current faculty from UCCS-College of Education Leadership recommender will not be accepted.

2) Graduate Record Exam:

      In addition, submit scores of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) taken within the past five years. Scores from the Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical sub-tests are required. There are no cutoff scores for the GRE sub-tests or composite score. GRE scores will contribute to an index score, which will be considered in admissions decisions. Please have official scores for the GRE sent directly to UCCS. The UCCS school code for the GRE is 4874. The GRE department code is 3999.

3) Official transcripts: Domestic students: Your final step will be to have one official transcript of all academic work ever completed to date, sent directly to the: Office of Admissions & Records University of Colorado Colorado Springs 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway Colorado Springs, CO 80918-3733

*Additional items of note for International applicants:

    • All transcripts must be evaluated and translated into English through an authorized Credential Service (for example: World Education Services, Wes)
    • English Proficiency must demonstrated through providing evidence of an IELTS score of 6.5 or above, a TOEFL score of 575‐(paper‐based) or 90‐(internet‐based) or an ACT/COMPASS® English score of 280 or above (the ACT/COMPASS® may be taken through the UCCS Office of International Affairs). Please contact the UCCS Office of International Affairs at: or call: 1‐719-255‐7218 to make arrangements to take the ACT/COMPASS® at UCCS.


Please upload your narrative into your online application. Your narrative should respond to the questions listed below. Please limit your narrative to 1500 words.

          1. What are your reasons for applying to this program?
          2. What are your professional career goals? How does this program align with your goals?
          3. In what ways have your life experiences, your work, and your volunteer activities prepared you for doctoral studies?
          4. What do you bring to the program that will benefit your student colleagues?
          5. What personal strengths will enhance your ability to be successful in th is program?
          6. What are other factors that you believe are important for consideration in evaluating your application for doctoral studies?
          7. What factors might limit your ability to complete this program?

The University of Colorado Springs does not discriminate on the basis of race, color national origin, sex, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status in admission and access to, and treatment in employment in, its educational programs and activities.

To learn more about Financial Aid opportunities, please contact the Financial Aid Office website.

Program Goals

          The 3-year program for working professionals prepares graduates to:
          • Engage in scholarly inquiry and culturally responsive practice
          • Synthesize diverse research perspectives in facilitating educational excellence
          • Lead others in continuous improvement through implementation and evaluation
          • Communicate successfully through oral and written professional discourse


Leadership & Policy (21 Credits)

Course/TitleSemester Credits
LEAD 7300 - Ethical Leadership & Democratic
                 Values in a Multicultural Society
LEAD 7350 - Leadership, Power, & Authority
                 in Education Policy & Governance
LEAD 8200 - Large Scale Student Assessment 3
LEAD 8250 - Policy Analysis & Evaluation 3
LEAD 8300 - Leadership Excellence in Complex
LEAD 8350 - The Economics of Education 3
LEAD 8600 - American and Comparative Foundations
                 of Education

Research (54 Credits)

Course/TitleSemester Credits
LEAD 7100 - Intermediate Quantitative Research & Statistics 3
LEAD 7150 - Methods of Qualitative Research 3
LEAD 7600 - Doctoral Research Laboratory in Leadership 15
(taken over 4 semesters)
LEAD 8100 - Advanced Quantitative Research & Statistics 3
LEAD 8150 - Applications of Qualitative Research 3
LEAD 8990 - Doctoral Dissertation 30


          Candidates must be enrolled for 3 credits of Doctoral Dissertation each semester of doctoral coursework for a total of 18 credits. Candidates must be continuously enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hour of dissertation credit per semester during completion of the dissertation.  A total of 30 credits of Doctoral Dissertation must be earned to complete degree requirements.