College of Education


If you are looking to improve education and become a leader in your community, the programs offered in Leadership are for you.

All of these practitioner-based programs satisfy the requirements of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, the Colorado standards for principal and administrator licensure, the NCATE Principal and Superintendent Curriculum Guidelines, the AASA Professional Standards for the Superintendency, and the Educational Leadership Constituency Council (ELCC).

Our programs include a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership, Research & Policy, a MA in Educational Leadership with tracks in P-12 Education and Student Affairs in Higher Education, as well as Principal and Administrator/Superintendent Licensure programs. Our MA in Educational Leadership track in P-12 Education and Principal Licensure program are also offered fully online.

The programs will help you develop yourself as a leader by expanding your view about yourself and the world, obtaining educational management competencies and leadership strategies, learning guiding tools for integration of recommendations for the school community, and exploring political and social implications of schooling in your educational community.

The programs are based on the belief that school leaders should model integrity, demonstrate respect for the dignity and worth of all individuals within a diverse society, promote effective instructional practices, challenge others toward continuous improvement of school programs, and create a successful learning community.

LEAD Degree Programs

Welcome to Educational Leadership at UCCS. By enrolling in one of the excellent programs offered here, you have identified yourself as an educational leader. You are now embarking upon an adventure in learning. Through this program you will be in partnership with a faculty of outstanding professionals who are also leaders in the field of education. They have been selected because of their commitment to excellence, their outstanding record in teaching adults, and their ability to mentor and develop leaders.