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Mission Statements


The Colorado Springs campus of the University of Colorado shall be a comprehensive baccalaureate liberal arts and sciences institution with selective admission standards. The Colorado Springs campus shall provide selected professional programs and such graduate programs as will serve the needs of the Colorado Springs metropolitan area, emphasizing those professional programs not offered by other institutions of higher education.


To serve a diverse, inclusive citizenry of lifelong leaders / learners through the following:

  • Unexcelled undergraduate and graduate professional programs which promote high standards of professional practice.
  • The development, implementation, and expectation for the demonstration of the best research-based instructional practices in the preparation of professional educators.
  • The support of individual and collaborative research, creative work, professional development, and service efforts within and outside the College and University that contribute to knowledge of best practice and student achievement.
  • An academic culture that supports and reinforces ethical and professional practice.


Office Space/Mail

On-campus temporary office space is coordinated through the department chair and may be provided at the discretion of and/or availability within the academic unit.

Each member of faculty is provided with his/her own mailbox located in the college's mailroom. This is also where daily US Mail pickup and delivery occur. A box is provided for all outgoing mail. The College of Education's mailroom is located on the 3rd floor of Columbine Hall next to the main office.


Campus Map


Building Access/Keys

The department chair determines if adjunct faculty require keys and initiates the order process. Requests for keys are then made to the Executive Assistant to the Dean, who will hold them for later pickup. Lost keys are a serious security issue that could result in re-coring of locks throughout the building. Charges resulting from lost keys are billed to the responsible party.



All students, faculty members, and staff members wishing to park in restricted parking lots on campus must have a current parking permit displayed. Without a permit, parking is available in the guest/visitor areas, located throughout campus, at an hourly rate. All parking permits will have an expiration date. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to know the expiration date of their permit.

Faculty, staff, and students may park at the Four Diamonds Sports Complex, located at 5025 North Nevada Avenue for no charge and do not have to display a permit.

Permits to park on campus are required during Fall, Spring and Summer semesters. Ticketing for HUB parking permits and metered parking occurs Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and on Fridays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. All other parking violations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Without a HUB permit:

  • Parking is $1.75 per hour or $8.00 maximum for the day.
  • Payment is automated and required at the time the vehicle is parked.
  • Cash up to $20 bills accepted as well as MasterCard, VISA or Discover.

Visitor parking is free during semester breaks.


Safety and Security/Emergencies


If an emergency occurs at night, make sure that the University Center Building Manager has been notified so that the emergency can be noted on the evening manager's report. If the emergency occurs during the day, make sure that University Center Director is notified immediately at extension 3491.

The campus also has a text message-based emergency notification system.


Identification Cards

UCCS ID cards may be obtained from the information desk at the University Center.

Faculty have the choice of either the LionOne card or the standard card.

The LionOne card is a combination ID and Debit/ATM card through Ent, the official financial services partner of UCCS. LionOne cards may be obtained at the Ent office in the University Center behind the stairs.

The UCCS campus ID card is a campus one card without the Ent banking functions. Your UCCS campus ID card will verify that you are a current UCCS student, faculty or staff member. You can check out books in the library, use campus munch money, ride the campus shuttle buses, receive discounts and sometimes free tickets to campus events, discounts on items on the campus including the Campus Bookstore, discounts at local merchants and if a housing student use meal plans and grant access to your living area.




Catalogues/Class Time Schedules

The entire catalogue of classes and schedules is available online or in print.


Phone/Voice Mail

On-campus numbers may be reached by dialing the last four digits of the telephone number. Press 9 to dial off-campus or place a long distance call.

Adjunct faculty contracted for an academic quarter or longer are encouraged to use campus voice mail.

Any other questions may be directed to Verta Hinkley at extension 3216.



A campus email address will be generated for you when you are added to payroll. The email address will follow the form of [first initial][first seven letters of last name] (ex: In the case that said email address is taken, a number suffix will be added, replacing the seventh letter of the last name if the name exceeds that many characters (ex: or Faculty are allocated over 1GB of space for email storage.

Mail may be viewed through the online interface at or, preferably, through a client such as Mail or Outlook.

Mailing lists are provided by the university for simple mass mailing to students, staff, and faculty.

Fax machines may be available upon request. Contact your department chair for more information. Fax services are always available through your Dean's office.


Web Services


UCCS has an ever-expanding complement of web services available for the convenience of faculty and staff.

In addition to email, faculty are allocated a certain amount of storage space on the network for their files. These networks will be available on all IT-maintained shared computers with no set-up required.

If you wish to access the campus network or your storage space on your own office computer or personal computer, it is neccssary to manually connect to the server. You do this differently depending on whether you are on or off campus (off-campus network connectivity is more complicated).

Campus IT accounts are deleted upon exit from the university after two years for faculty and immediately for staff.

Many of classrooms at UCCS are outfitted with "smart classroom support." These classrooms will feature integrated AV capabilities and student laptop plug-ins. Some feature the ability to use "clickers" that students purchase to conduct classroom-scale interactive quizzes.


UCCS also provides faculty the opportunity to create and maintain Blackboard shells for their classes if they so choose.  Blackboard may be utilized as a framework and supplement for face to face courses.  All online courses are COMPLETELY online and need to be built with no face to face contact requirements.  For guidance on how to begin the process of creating a Blackboard shell, contact your adjunct advisor for instructions. At the College of Education, Blackboard questions may be directed to Scott Switzer at extension 4154.


Additional Requirements

CU and UCCS policy may require all faculty and staff to enroll in various online classes and workshops at various times in order to be in good standing. Sexual harassment training is required for most, and many will require a workshop on information security as well. Other courses will apply to select individuals depending on position.

You will receive notification well in advance of any such courses or training that you need to complete.

Workshops and courses are currently being provided through CU's Blackboard system, but are currently being transitioned to a new system called Skillpoint.


Copy Machine/Key Codes

For most uses, faculty may make copies using the convenience copy machines located in their respective departments. A personalized copy machine ID (the last four digits of your Social Security Number) and password will be provided upon request from the Executive Assistant to the Dean. There is a limit to how many copies can be made per semester per faculty member.

For large or specialty copy jobs faculty may utilize the UCCS Copy and Print Services, located in the Campus Services building on the east side of campus. Fees will vary depending on the job.


Course Handouts

A limited number of university funded course handouts are permissible for courses spanning the entire academic quarter, excluding syllabi, tests and quizzes. However, Blackboard may be utilized as an online storage location for handouts that are accessible for students at all times. If possible, Blackboard is preferred for most handouts.

University-printed secondary teaching aids such as study guides, handbooks, workbooks, manuals, lecture notes, extended biographies, etc. must be printed by UCCS Print and Copy Services and marketed to students through the UCCS Bookstore.

The program asssistant for your respective academic unit will coordinate with the bookstore and you on these items, and handouts must be approved by the department chair.


Salary Payments

Adjunct faculty and instructors are paid on the last day of every month, unless otherwise specified by contract. Faculty may elect to receive pay through direct deposit only to a bank account of their choosing.