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The Master of Sciences is an interdepartmental degree involving the College of Education and other colleges on the campus. The Science Teaching Option is designed for teachers aspiring to pursue a degree with greater emphasis on science content and less emphasis on pedagogy. The Science Teaching Option includes Science Education courses as well as science, space studies, mathematics, and selected other content courses. The program is designed to provide classroom teachers with a strong background in science content balanced with knowledge of contemporary science teaching practice, and the sound application of research.

The Space Studies/Science Teaching option allows teachers to gain specialized knowledge related to various aspects of space. Space studies courses are available on a wide variety of topics including: earth systems, rocketry, biology, living in space, physics, geology, astronomy, and technology. While these courses have a strong content focus, they also emphasize creative use of inquiry strategies, manipulative activities, and science process skills as a basis for science instruction. The program is designed primarily for teachers who wish to improve their content knowledge of space and related science fields. The program is appropriate for teachers at all levels (K-12) who wish to become leaders in the field of space studies.

Note: This program is not designed to lead to teacher licensure.


Admission to the Graduate School at UCCS is required for this program. However, individual courses may be taken by unclassified students. To be admitted to the program one must provide:

Admissions Checklist

Complete the electronic online application:

Obtain three letters of reference

Submit one transcript from all institutions of higher education previously attended

Prepare a career goal statement (see department specific requirements)

Current résumé

Complete a background check or provide an unofficial copy of teaching licensure

Interview with department faculty member

Once application materials are in, you will need to interview with a faculty advisor for the program.

**If you have questions about the program before or during the Admissions process, or would like more programmatic information, call 719-255-4996 or

*Additional items of note for International applicants:

      • All transcripts must be evaluated and translated into English through an authorized Credential Service (for example: World Education Services, Wes)
      • English Proficiency must demonstrated through providing evidence of an IELTS score of 6.0 or above, a TOEFL score of 550‐(paper‐based) or 80‐(internet‐based) or an ACT/COMPASS® English score of 270 or above (the ACT/COMPASS® may be taken through the UCCS Office of International Affairs). Please contact the UCCS Office of International Affairs at: or call: 1‐719-255‐7218 to make arrangements to take the ACT/COMPASS® at UCCS.

Program Requirements

The Science Education program requires a total of thirty semester hours of course work and completion of a research project as part of CURR 5090. A thesis option is available but not required.


The Science Education program requires a total of thirty semester hours of course work and completion of a research project as part of CURR 5090. A thesis option is available but not required.

Course work hours required includes:

Science, Mathematics, or Space Studies (18 credits)

Must include 15 hours of Space Studies offered by the Space Foundation through Extended Studies-18

Science Education (9 credits)

Science content and method courses offered through the College of Education-9

Education (3 credits)

CURR 5090 -3 Research Project

 Note: Students should consult with their program advisor to assure that courses selected are appropriate for credit in the Science Education program.


In an attempt to serve our students and our community, the UCCS College of Education offers a specialty in Space Studies as part of its well established Science Education Program. This program is offered by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in collaboration with the Space Foundation. Space Studies courses are offered through the UCCS Extended Education Program. All other courses are offered through the UCCS College of Education.

The program includes classes in Space Studies, Science Education, and Educational Curriculum. A total of 33 course hours are required to complete the C&I Masters, Space Studies in Science Education. Comprehensive Exams are not required; however students will complete a science education research project as part of the Research Project course CURR 5090.