Meral Sarper



Meral Sarper

Major: Mechanical Engineering 

Minors: Aerospace Engineering, Sustainable Development and Leadership

Class: Senior

Hometown: Pueblo, CO




Upon graduation, Meral plans to continue her education by working towards a Masters and PhD in Astrophysics. Concurrently, she plans to apply to the astronaut corps at NASA. Meral's dream has always been to become an astronaut and explore Mars. She is also passionate about sustainable engineering and revolutionizing the technology industry by incorporating sustainability into the field, both environmentally and ethically. She believes that space epitomizes what she hopes for the future of humanity: infinite possibilities.

Hiking, snowboarding, stargazing, and all outdoor activities! Writing , performing poetry, yoga, break dance, theatre, noetic science and quantum mechanics, public speaking, and social activism/networking. Organizations: Math Center, Student Ambassadors, National Residency Hall Honorary, Society of Women Engineers, and Engineers Without Borders